STREAM OF PASSION feat AYREON – Live in Helsinki


19’th of February 2007



Review and pictures by Marko Syrjälä and Jarno Huovila


On February 19th the long held hopes of many fans were realized when Arjen Anthony Lucassen and his entourage, despite being severely delayed by snow storms in Denmark, arrived in Helsinki for their FIRST EVER GIG in Finland (or even anywhere in the close vicinity for that matter). The show was billed as STREAM OF PASSION/AYREON, which was fitting as in addition to eight of the twelve tracks from SOP’s “Embrace the Storm” album, nine AYREON songs were played as well as a few tracks from Arjen’s other projects, most notably STAR ONE. Making the occasion even more precious for some must have been the knowledge that after this short tour the band would be put on ice while Mr. Lucassen would once again be concentrating his efforts on conjuring up yet another AYREON masterpiece and after that, possibly, a sequel for the much lauded STAR ONE project.


The STREAM OF PASSION band comprising of Marcela Bovio (vocals / violin), Arjen Lucassen (guitar), Lori Linstruth (guitar), Johan van Stratum (bass), Alejandro Millán (piano) and Davy Mickers (drums) were exclusively at this gig joined by a very special surprise guest. The guest turned out to be none other than Arjen’s compatriot Robert Soeterboek, know to many from AYREON’s “The Final Experiment” (1995), “Actual Fantasy” (1996) and “The Flight of the Migrator” (2000) albums as well as the “STAR ONE – Live on Earth” (2003) CD/DVD. Robert took on the lead vocals for spectacular renderitions of “High Moon” from “STAR ONE – Space Metal” (2002), “Into the Black Hole” from the “Flight of the Migrator” (2000) and finally “The Castle Hall” from “Into the Electric Castle” (1998) album.

Also joining the band on tour was Marcela’s sister Diana Bovio on backing vocals. During one of the many highlighs of the show Diana also shared the lead vocal duties on the “Valley of the Queens” track. Marcela Bovio originally appeared as part of the cast on the latest AYREON album “Human Equation” (2004). It was therefore not really a stretch to expect songs from that particular album to be heavily featured in the setlist and indeed, four of the nine AYREON songs showcased during the show were pulled from that album.

For the most part the audience seemed, as was to be expected, more familiar with the AYREON material and in all honesty, regardless of the many talents of the personnel involved, I myself prefer AYREON’s output from “Into the Electric Castle” onwards to the STREAM OF PASSION material. A matter of taste perhaps, but despite the seemingly perfect execution, STREAM OF PASSION’s originality and variety, at times, leaves something to be desired. From the music to the actual apperance of the members, comparisons to Evanescence would hardly seem far fetched.

All in all a great night for the band and fans of AYREON and STREAM OF PASSION alike. Not only were the players and the songs top notch, the general atmosphere was very special as well. The band really seemed to be enjoying themselves and Arjen proved once more what a charismatic live performer he really is. One of the biggest and happiest suprises of the evening was also the massive turnout of enthusiastic fans leading to the venue busting at the seams, place was completely sold out. Clearly, with his continuing efforts, Arjen has built himself quite a remarkable cult following, which hopefully bodes well for future gigs which most likely would be with AYREON because it was announced that this tour was going to be his last with STREAM OF PASSION. The story continues ….





The setlist for the evening was:

01. Spellbound

02. Day Fourteen: Pride

03. Passion

04. Wherever You Are

05. Computer Eyes

06. Valley of the Queens

07. Haunted

08. High Moon

09. Deceiver / Songs of the Ocean

10. Day One: Vigil

11. Day Three: Pain

12. To the Quasar

13. Open Your Eyes

14. Out in the Real World

15. The Castle Hall

16. Into the Black Hole / Cold Metal

17. Day Eleven: Love

18. Are Friends Electric

19. Calliopeia











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