Hardcore Superstar – Europe Tour KB Malmö Sweden 2006

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Hardcore Superstar

European Tour



 30/12 – 2006

Photos by: Anders Sandvall

By: Anders Sandvall

Guest contributor: Ulrika Henriksson




2006 years last show for me was the glam/sleaze rocker act Hardcore Superstar from Gothenburg, Sweden. It was said that there were 2 support act but when we arrived to the venue in good time to see them the second support act was already up on stage so we had missed the first one. The second support act was the Malmoe based Dolly Daggers, a young and hungry up-and coming band. Unfortunately weren’t there so many people in the crowd, probably because it was the day before New Years Eve and with the Christmas just passed people probably were a little short of cash.

And because of no fence in front of the stage it was really hard, again, to take photos, please KB fix that.

Hardcore Superstar was still the same band as before with

Jocke Berg – lead vocals
Silver – guitar. b-vox
Martin – bass, b-vox
Adde – drums

The band had been out on tour almost the entire 2006 so it hadn’t been strange if the guys had been a little tired, but there weren’t any sign of any tiredness at all.

“Kick on the Upperclass” kicked off the show and it was a vital and energetic band that showed up on stage and it really showed during the first minutes that the guys are a well oiled tour-machine now.




The set-list was pretty much the same as on the show they did during the summer when we saw them last time. Sure it was a great set-list but it would have been more fun if they had played a little more of their older songs, I mean, by now they have a pretty large back catalogue to pick songs from. This show evolved mostly around material from their newest album HARDCORE SUPERSTAR from 2005. Maybe it was too ambitious to play 10 tracks this evening from the album that have 12 all together, that means that the band played almost the entire new album. However they did three older songs – “Hello/Goodbye”, “Liberation” and “I Can’t Change”.

It looked like all of the members were on great mood and lead singer Jocke laughed and joked with the audience through the whole show. He’s a great front man and stage persona. It’s Jocke and guitarist Silver that runs around most on most of the stage and they are also the bands main front men. Jocke invited the crowd to sing along in “Kick on the Upperclass”, “We Don’t Celebrate Sundays”, “My Good Reputation”, “Wild Boys”, “Hello/Goodbye” and “Liberation”.


Ordinary playing time were on 45 minutes but after being cheered on to stage again the guys returned to end the evening with three encores in “Wild Boys”, “My Good Reputation” and “Liberation”. When the band went of stage then the time was 70 minutes all together this evening.

Again did Hardcore Superstar delivered a stunning show off in brilliant glam/sleaze rock music and I really hope that America and the rest of the western world are going to get their eyes open for this amazing act.


The only smaller negative things regarding this show were the lack of older songs and the short playing time. If you’re a headline act I think you should at least play for 90 minutes and then do some encores. 

But if you look away from that was this great way of closing the old year hopefully are 2007 going to be just a good gig-year as 2006 was.




Kick on the Upperclass
Blood on Me
Last Forever
She’s Offbeat
I Can’t Change
Bag on Your Head
We Don’t Celebrate Sundays
Standing on the Verge


Wild Boys
My Good Reputation



Thanks to Markus Tagaris at Gain Records for the press/photo pass to the show

Thanks to the very kind tour manager Sanjay Larsson for all the help



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