Napalm Death, DeathBound, The Scourger – Tavastia, Helsinki, Finland

Napalm Death
DeathBound, The Scourger
The 16th of January 2007
Tavastia Club
Helsinki Finland

By Arto Lehtinen

The legendary British grind core mongers, Napalm Death, haven’t visited Finland for years. The last time Napalm Death did a show, their guitarist, now late, Jesse Pintado was still in the ranks sharing the guitar duties on the stage.  For some weird reason, only a little bit over 100 maniacs had crawled out to testify the show back then. Years passed by till January 2007 when the grind core legends from Birgiham returned to the soil of Finland to cause an ultimate grinding rampage for the four date tour cross Finland. Of course, it was extremely thrilling to witness app. 600 true fans of grind core out to see Napalm Death in the middle of the week.

As usual a couple of Finnish bands had been booked to open and support on the tour. Frankly both the bands fit the bill more than perfectly.  


The Finnish thrashers Scourger kicked off the night by delivering a fistful of old school thrash metal in the vein of Slayer/Kreator. The five piece Helsinki thrashers delivered a solid set of songs picked up from their studio opus “BLIND DATE WITH VIOLENCE”.

As usual opening and supporters are forced to suffer from the lame response from the audience. The crowd rather starred at both the bands from a suitable distance, shouting all kinds of funny things. Technically and musically a band was in a vicious strike, as the playing worked well…. As for the stage performance, even though each guy has gained experiences from other bands from the past, the whole Scounrger squad handled the gig with the routine and professional grip this time. 



Well,The Scourger were definitely an exception compared to other bands of the night. Whereas Deathbound was a little bit closer to Napalm Death as the band’s aggressive grinding approach was rather primitive as well as brutal. Somehow they could be compared to Rotten Sound, but on the other hand DeathBound have more influences from the death metal genre and add their own grinding style. However the stuff was hammered down with a tight merciless grip. No break, no worthless speeches between songs, just continuing the same utter raging punch direct to the face. The band’s uncompromising style without any doubts worked more than well. As for songs, some of them could be mentioned here like “Gain Control”, ”A Fraction Of truth”, ”Gasmask” and a helluva more. 

Even though the audience didn’t get thrilled to arrange any kind of pit, the four piece was a real asskicking live band for sure.  


When both the Finnish supporters had handled their own parts, it was about time to prepare for the real mass appeal madness when the enemies of the music business rose on the stage. People definitely woke up from their deep sleep coma as shouting Barney several times. When “Sink Fast, Let Go” and followed by “Unchallenged Hate” literally ground out of the monitors, it was obvious the whole frontarea became an utter warfield. At least the audience was compeletely kicked in the ass by Napalm Death after being in some sort of waiting mood during the performances of the Finnish bands.

The napalms continued the raging grinding nihilism without giving any mercy throughout the whole 60 minute show. Shane Embury was quite a calmed down person on the bass, banging his massive hair and kept staring at the maniacs in the pit.  Barney Greenway turned out to be a brutal relentless wild frontman, running around the stage and acting like a hyperactive kid. The man’s face was shaking all the time when he was screaming to the mic like a madman. His live perfomance reminded of some sort of crazy insane walking and fluctuating all around the stage. Barney’s definitely known for his standpoints on various issues therefore some standpoints were even pointed out at the show which wasn’t that big surprise. Mitch Harris mostly remained on the right side from Barney, handling some scream parts.


As for the set in general, for natural reasons the set had mainly been built around the material off from the latest excellent SMEAR CAMPAIGN album. Of course the older material from the first album hadn’t been abandoned either. For example, “Life?” “Scum” “The Kill” and a few other classics from the debut album were obvious and mandatory choices to satisfy the taste of the old school maniacs. But to be honest, both the old and new material sounded equally extreme, brutal, and vicious. The material from the older era and the newer era fit together pretty well. Judging by the reactions of the audience, they went insane when the stuff of SCUM was played. The legendary Dead Kennedy song “Nazi Punks Fuck Off” has been on the set for years, but it is still current even nowadays.


Napalm Death have speard their cacophonic grinding deadly sonic torture and own standpoints for 26 years now, influencing the whole extreme metal genre. But it is kinda interesting to remind all the readers that none of the current members in the ranks are the original ones. But however, the whole four piece together (when as five piece when Jesse Pintado was in) has mangled the metal field for over a decade.


The one hour of pure extreme noise terrorism by the British finest grind core legends was an utter pleasure to whip ears and suffer from the tremendous earache the next morning.

Sink Fast, Let Go
Unchallenged Hate
Suffer The Children
Silence Is Deafening
Instruments Of Persuasion
When All Is Said And Done
Puritanical Punishment Beating
In Deference
The Code is Red…Long Live The Code
Identity Crisis
The Kill
You Suffer
Persona Non Grata
Smear Campaign
Nazi Punks Fuck Off!
Siege Of Power

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