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It is time, once again, to talk with legendary singer Zinny Zan about his act Zan Clan’s new live album “Kickz The Livin Shit ….Outta Stockholm City” recorded early last year. We also talked about Zan’s old band Easy Action that recently reunited for a few gigs here in Sweden.

Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Thanks to Chris Laney for providing me with promo pics of the new Zan Clan line-up

Promo pictures taken by: Uffe Magnusson 


Hi again Zinny, really nice to talk with you again, are you ready to answer a few questions?

Yes Anders , Fire away

Well, let’s kick off the interview by talking a little about Zan Clan’s new live album with the really long name “Kickz The Livin Shit…Outta Stockholm”, why release a live album after only two studio albums?

Let me put the question back at ya, ”why not” everyone in this business has always done things in a certain way just because it has always been that way ”I say fuck that” there are too many people who for different reasons never have seen or heard Zan Clan “live” well what do we do? We give em a live album + a few bonus tracks along the way to show our supporters what is coming up, I think that is a great way to treat your supporters!!!

I can really sense the live feeling when I listen to the album and it feels like the listeners really can trust that nothing has been deleted from the original recording when they hear that you have forgotten a few lines in the lyrics in some of the songs. What do you think of the outcome of the album, are you happy with it?

Yeah U are right Anders this is Zan Clan RAW in the flesh no cheesy overdubs or things like that. Yes I am very happy with it because this album shows just what a good live act Zan Clan is and what a great audience we have. This album is a monument to how great our supporters are. They are with us all the way and they have made half of this album with us because without such a great audience this album would be pretty lame.

Your last album had a pretty cocky title and so is the case with this album as well, who came up with the title to this album and are you guys as cocky as the title says?

We walk the walk and we talk the talk. Then we are Zan Clan who the fuck are you title I am responsible for. And I think it was a relevant question(ha,ha)
The title Zan Clan kickz the living shit outta Stockholm City…. Me ‘n Chris came up with that, but it was a fact, that very night we kicked the living shit outta Stockholm City .
We are a great fuckkin Rock act and we are proud of it. I really can t say that there is any band in Sweden that can kick our ass on stage today so we are Loud N Proud.

This live album was the last thing Zan Clan did with members Pontus Norgren and Pontus Egberg. Why did they leave Zan Clan and are you still friends?

They did not leave Zan Clan. It´s a long story but originally they wanted to help Jacob Samuels out in the Euro vision thing and I said yes to that.
Later I hear that they are in the studio nailing songs for an album. I hit the roof and told them that this was not the deal and that they could not on any circumstances be a part of Zan Clan if they were about to be on a Poodles album as well, so I had to let them go. Yeah I am still friends with them no problem, they knew the deal and I just stood up for my word.

On the album you say that the show was recorded for a DVD, when is the DVD gonna be released?

I do not know to be honest but we will try to have it out a.s.a.p. It is the editing and so on that have been taken some time.

Also on this album there are two bonus studio tracks featured, both songs are recorded with a drum machine. Why so and when were the songs written?

The songs were written for our next album and they might very well be on the new album. The reason why it is with drum machine is because that is usually how Chris and I write we do the songs and then we get the other guys in to do their part .

Both Ryan Roxie and Marcus Jidell play lead guitars on those tracks, how did they end up playing on the album?

We tried both of them out as a guitarist for Zan Clan after Pontus Norgren but for different reasons we later choosed Love instead,both are really great guitarplayers thu and I am a great fan of their styles.

The third song on this live album was an unfeatured song from the studio album “We Are Zan Clan Who The F**K Are YOU?!”, were there a lot of songs that didn’t make on to that album?

Yes about 6 or 7.

The live album is released by Perris Records, have you signed on for them or are you still with GMR?

We are not with GMR anymore and our choice was with Perris for the live album.

What do you think of Pontus’ new band The Poodles and their debut album?

I know all the guys in the band and they are Ok guys but this kind of music does not kick start my heart so to speak. But hey!! they didn’t make the album to please people like me I believe, so as long as they are happy with what they are doing then fine with me.

You have a new bass player in Grizzly, did you knew him from earlier and how did he end up in the band?

Grizzly and I have known each other for 20 good years and since he liked what we were doing with Zan Clan the choice was obvious, Chris and Koleberg has been playing with Grizzly for 10 years as all 3 of them are in the Kiss cover band Kyss.

Have you found any new guitar player yet? If so who is he?

His name is Love and he kicks major ass.
He is 20 years old and he shreds like a motherfucker.

Do you see any problems with all of the Zan Clan members are involved in other projects besides Zan Clan?

No not at all as long as they have their priority´s straight, meaning Zan Clan first everything else second then fine with me.

Have you written any new material for the new album yet? In what musical direction are you heading next?

Yes we have 12-14 songs ready and they are in the same vein as the first album, maybe a little heavier but Zan Clan supporters will feel right at home with the new disc.

When can we expect to find the next Zan Clan album out in the stores?

In May 2007

Why haven’t you toured more? Do you think you’re going to do more shows on the next album?

I do hope so,we have had problems to find a good booking agency but hopefully this is being solved in the near future.

Have you got any numbers on how many copies you sold of the latest album?

No I have not, but as you must be aware of it is not like it was back in the 80´s or early 90´s and that is just a bitter fact for all us recording artists.

Are Zan Clan big in Europe? And what’s the biggest differencies between the European and Swedish fans/press?

Zan Clan has a really good supporter base all over the world I must say and so far the press have been really great to us as well so I cant say that any country is better than another in this case we have just been very well taken care of from the press all over.

Do you think that the current wave of glam/sleaze that have swept over the world recently are going to stay strong in the future?

Hard to say really but I do hope so.
The music business today is very hard to predict anything can happen.

It seems that you were pretty taken by the death of the Crashdiet singer Dave Lepard?

Yes I was, both me and Chris have been close with David and helped Crashdiet out with a record deal. We also did a couple of gigs together and hung out so Yeah it hit me straight in the heart when David passed away.

How was it to stand on stage and perform when he recently had passed away?

Zan Clan really wanted to do this tribute so we were prepared on this, but the hardest part was meeting the other guys in Crashdiet backstage before the gig and finally when I dedicated our song “Heart died young “ to David I burst in tears.

How have you managed to keep your voice in such a good shape during the years? This is the first live thing I have heard with you and you sound just as good live as on the studio albums?

Hey Thanx Anders!!  I really do not do much, other than writing songs and singing constantly I guess.
I really want Zan Clan to sound good so I have to be in shape so the other guys in the band don’t kick my ass.

You and Kee Marcello have reactivated Easy Action again, why?

For years both me and Kee have been asked if Easy Action ever would do a reunion gig. None of us have had any trouble with the thought so when we were approached by Ingolf of Sweden Rock to do this gig we simply said Yeah what he fuck. If people really want to see this band again why not.

Why only two original members in Easy Action, didn’t the rest of the members want to reunite the band?

This is due to several reasons: there were people who just did not want to do this and there were other that had to decline due to personal reasons.

Who came up with the idea to start up Easy Action again?

Hey it is not a new start up, they way I see it we have set up a great line up for the reunion gig and that has been it.

How was it to play at the Sweden Rock Festival with Easy Action this summer?

It was awesome!!! Great to see that so many people still loved the songs and it was just a crazy day to see all these rockers young and old and giving it all.
It is a day that I will remember for the rest of my life.

You have did one show with Easy Action in Stockholm in December 2006 and you’re going to do one more in Gothenburg but what’s going to happen with the band after that? Any more scheduled shows?

We did not do a show in Stockholm but you´re right we did one gig in Gothenbourg Dec 26th. We do not have any other scheduled gigs and we will see what will happen, who knows?

Any plans now on re-release the old Easy Action albums in the near future when you now have being out and play with the band?

Yes the plan is there and we are just awaiting the record company to set a date for a disc with all the old Easy stuff + all the songs that never came out.

Have any of the shows being recorded in order to make a live album or a DVD?

2 make a live album yes.

Are you happy with what 2006 had in store for Zan Clan and you and what’s the plans for the band in 2007 and for you Zinny Zan?

The plan is now working 24 hours a day with getting Zan Clan ´s new record ready and to get the new line up out on the road meeting our supporters and friends again.

For me I am just a happy fuck if I can keep Zan Clan out on the road for most of 2007. I really want to do a long tour with this band this year all over the world.

Thanks a lot for answering my question once again, finally any last words for the fans and readers I’am sure that we will talk again when the new Zan Clan is out next year?

Great thanks to all our supporters who have shown up at our gigs and that have have hung with us through our tuff times. Now it is time to say Hello to the new line up and  I looking forward to see YA all out there soon.

Rock Til U Drop


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