Spider Rockets – Ever After

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Spider Rockets

Ever After

2006, Hog Records

Rating: 2/5


A somewhat unique band that are hard to categorize. They have some elements of Hard Rock and Metal as well as some Alternative. The vocals are very loud and in your face and are too overpowering. The rest of the music is mixed very low and takes a backseat to the vocals. After several listens it is a difficult album to get into.


There are a couple of songs that do standout a bit: “What I Want” which sounds like a heavy version of Gwen Stefani/No Doubt and a cover of the Beatles’ classic “Helter Skelter”. Both of these are interesting listens but not something essential that you would buy the disc for.

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An interesting collection of songs. Would be allot more enjoyable if it was mixed better and the vocals weren’t so ear piercing and burying the musicians. It does grow on you with more listens but not enough to make it essential.