The Shifters – Music for Sinners

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Music for Sinners

2006, Spinerazor Records

Rating: 2/5



A somewhat interesting release from this < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Montreal quartet.. It is their label debut but it stays true to their signature sound. The songs are not overly original but they do however have a certain aspect to them that keeps you interested. The standout on the disc is actually a cover of the song “Busted”. Maybe because it is slightly different than the rest that it stands out or it is just a superior song.
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Musically there is a lot of guitar and fast drumming but it is not mixed well and at times they tend do drown one another out. This holds true for the guitar mainly as it is overshadowed by the vocals and in allot of instances the drums.

Overall it is a decent disc and worth looking for if this style is you thing.



01. L.I.A.R.
02. Holiday in the sin
03. Sleaze Tequila
04. Crying without a tear
05. Roll of a dice
06. Ford fairlane
07. Kings & Queens
08. Busted
09. Run Devil Run
10. Underworld girl
11. Car crash in Vegas