Skillet – Comatose

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2006, Atlantic Records/Lava

Rating: 3/5


Modern rock with a message. Not too far removed from your Nickleback’s and Creed’s but with a religious message. There are elements of more alternative music mixed in at times but ever so slightly.

John’s vocals and Lori’s drumming clearly take the forefront of the band and are the most noticeable aspects of the cd. Cooper’s lead vocals are refined and well polished but still have a slight dryness to them. Peter’s drums on the other hand are just hard hitting and she just nails down the groove with precision. Korey does an excellent job on backing vocals as well and adds a mellow and relaxing feel to some of the tracks. Guitar is pretty good with some decent riffs but the bass is lost in the mix for the most part.

Song’s like “Rebirthing” and “Better Than Drugs” are the most memorable songs on the CD, while the title track is also a highlight of the album as well with its piano and orchestration.


01.  Rebirthing < ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

02.  The Last Night

03.  Yours To Hold

04.  Better Than Drugs

05.  Comatose

06.  The Older I Get

07.  Those Nights

08.  Falling Inside The Black

09.  Say Goodbye

10.  Whispers In The Dark

11.  Looking For Angels