Kill Cheerleader – All Hail

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Kill Cheerleader

All Hail

2006, Spinerazor Records

Rating: 3/5


With praises from the likes of Nikki Sixx, Lemmy and Ky Anto how can you not help but show interest in this Punk influenced Rock band? These < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Ontario natives are just as well known for their offstage antics as well as their onstage performances. Their offstage behavior even got them banned from some Toronto clubs so they packed it up and headed south to L.A. It was here that people like Ky and Nikki took notice.

From the opening notes you can’t help but think TOO FAST FOR LOVE era Crue. It has that Mick Mars guitar style written all over it. The sound is that mid 80’s strip sleaze just punked up a bit. Great guitar and better than average drumming should propel them onto the charts and into the public’s eye in a matter of no time.



1. Sell Your Soul
2. So Young
3. Deathboy
4. Lady Of The Night
5. No Feelings
6. Go Away
7. Find Your Own Way Home
8. I Want Action
9. Don’t Call Me “Baby”, Baby
10. Bad Habit
11. No Lullabies
12. Hurt The People You Love