Lacuna Coil Guitarist Cristiano Migliore

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Interview by Anders Sandvall

Questions by Anders Sandvall and Lord of the Wasteland 

Pictures of Cristiano Migliore by Anders Sandvall

Thanks to Jenny Walroth at Century Media Sweden for setting up this interview
Thanks to Century Media for the promo pictures of the band


When the Italian act Lacuna Coil was in Malmö Sweden on their European tour I met up with one of the bands guitarists, Cristiano Migliore, for a brief interview. We talked about the band’s latest album KARMACODE and what the band will be up to next.



You covered Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy The Silence” on your latest CD. What made you choose that song?

Originally we were looking for a popular song we could play live and one that people could recognize and sing along with, we tried many different songs and it just happend to be a Depeche Mode song. We tried to play Soundgarden and Duran Duran but DM suited our musical approach best. We all have loved DM since we were 15-16 years old so in the end it wasn’t a hard decision to make.


How was your latest experience on Ozzfest (I believe this summer’s trip was your 2nd or 3rd time) compared with the others?

It was our second time around at Ozzfest now, and this time we were able to play at the larger stage and it was a really nice experience. Energywise it was more fun last time because this time were people sitting in front of the stage. 


Since COMALIES and KARMACODE were such big successes, will LC be looking to jump from Century Media to a major label like Shadows Fall has?

It’s really hard to say, we have signed on for several albums with CM and being with a label like CM sure has it advantages, we pretty much have our artisitc freedom at CM so no I don’t think so, at least not now.


Where in the world do you sell most albums?

It’s pretty even in Europe and the States, we have sold about 140-150 000 copies on both continets.


Does the rest of the band have any hard feelings that Cristina is the face of the band while they are mostly unknown or do they enjoy the anonymity?

No, it doesn’t really bother us, it’s quite normal for the press to focus on her, after all she is a woman in a very male-dominated industry. As long as the people don’t think we’re just a band with a pretty face it’s OK.

Despite its English title, “Without Fear” is sung entirely in Italian. Why give an Italian song an Englsih name?

There is actually a part in the song that are sung on English and that’s the part where the title comes from. We weren’t sure in the beginning that we were going to record the song on Italian but after a while we realized that the song fitted better to be sung on Italian.

Century Media seemed to place KARMACODE as its “golden ticket” for this year. With that much pressure, did the band find it overwhelming to think, “What will happen if the album doesn’t do well?”

No, the thing is that we didn’t really felt any pressure, of course there were a little more pressure on us compared to when we recorded Comalies.When we started to work on Karmacode of course we thought what if we can’t write as good as last time and people will not like the album but that’s every musicians nightmare I guess.


Are any songs written yet for the next CD? If so, what direction are they taking?

No we haven’t written anything yet, Karmacode was relased 6 months ago and we dosen’t have enough time to sit down and write anything right now. I’m not sure in which direction the new album are going to take, it depends on what input and inspiration you’ll get when you writing.



When can we expect to find the next album with LC out in the stores?

One thing for sure I can say is that it’s not going to take 4 years as last time. We have been out on tour for 3 years now and when we did Ozzfest they asked for a special edition of Comalies to sell at Ozzfest. It’s the same album as before but with bonus acoustical tracks added.

Your European tour kicked off in England and about now your half the way into the tour, how has it been to be on the road so far? Any mishaps? How did it go in Copenhagen last night?

Were more than halfway into the tour and the tour has gone really well, the shows have been sold out every night pretty much, the Copenhagen gig was great, very hot though but nice. Let’s see what the rest of Scandinava has to offer. We have never been big in Italy but recently we playd for 1800 people there and that was big for us with thought of we always been more appriciated abroad.


Poisonblack is supporting you on this tour, who chosed them?

We have had a few bands in thoughts when we were about to head out and we chosed Poisonblack amongst them. For the first shows in Italy, France and Spain we had another supportact from Milan.





Will there be another North American (Canadian??) tour supporting KARMACODE?

For sure, we’re going back to the states in November, and wer’e also going to tour Canada maybe in early december

Give me three reasons why I should buy KARMACODE?

Becasue it’s a great album and the best so far..ha,ha

What’s the best/worst thing with being out on tour?

The best thing is that we’re now doing wath we all have longed for, it’s our dreamjob..the worst parts is that it’s hard to have a family. It’s hard to have any kind of relationship when you’re a musician, but it’s a part of the job.

Which show have been the best so far?

It’s very hard to say…a few ones have been excellent…but I can’t say which ones the best.


Have you been in Malmö before?

I think we played here in 1999 or 2001 when we were support to Theatre of Tragedy at this very club…unfortunately we haven’t been able to explore Malmö yet, eventough we travel to a lot of places around the world we mostly only see the club or the places were are about to play at.


What’s funniest, working in the studio or performing live?

Uhmm.. to work in the studio is a bit stressfull becuase you have only a limited time to work on. It’s real fun to play live and meet the people and fans, I personally prefer to play live.


Finally are there is there anything you’d like to say to the readers and fans before we round up the interview?

I hope that we’ll see everyone on the road. And I hope they enjoy Karmacode, becuase we sure do…


You’re scheduled to tour the entire 2006, but what’s happening for LC in 2007?

I think so, I think the touring are going to continue, we’re going to do festival shows in the summer and we are heading to the States and Asia.


Thanx and good luck tonight, i’m looking forward to see you live… 

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