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Interviewed by Anders Sandvall

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It’s time for an update with Dream Evil bass player Peter Stålfors. UNITED is the title of the band’s new album. This is more of an update on what is going on in the Dream Evil camp since the last time I spoke to the guys.


Hello Peter, what’s up? It’s my first time with you as the interview victim , are you ready to answer a few questions regarding the new Dream Evil album UNITED and about the band in general?

Hi Anders, I’m ready…go ahead !!


You have recently released your new album UNITED, when did you start working on the album and where/when was it recorded?

We’ve been writing songs constantly since The Book Of Heavy Metal was released, the pace increased a bit last year when we decided to record a new album in the spring of 2006. We recorded the album in Studio Fredman from april 18:th to may 31:st.

Why has it taken you so long to follow up your latest studio album THE BOOK OF HEAVY METAL from 2004?

I don’t think that two and a half years is that long.. You may feel that it’s a long time between these albums just becase it was such short time between the other albums..
One reason why it’s a bit longer time between TBOHM and United is because of the member changes we had in Dream Evil the last years.

Does the title UNITED refer to anything special?

Not really, Niklas wrote the lyrics to that one. I think that he means that all Metal Heads are united in one thing – Metal..


Are there going to be any singles released from the album?

Not what I have heard anything about. The album is also released already and singles usually are released before the album. So I don’t think there will be any singles.


What can you tell us about the very powerful cover artwork?

Seth Design made this typical 80’s metal cover design for us and we are very pleased about it. I think it catches the feeling of the music of the album. A cover that fits the music..


UNITED is also going to be released in a limited edition with bonus features, what’s the bonus stuff?

The bonus stuff concists of 5 extra songs. Five original Dream Evil songs, which are among my personal favourites.


I thought that your old drummer Snowy Shaw was one of the more colorful members in Dream Evil, how was it to loose him both as a member and as a songwriter? Who’s taking on the songwriting task now?

I don’t know where this is coming from.. Snowy was just one of five songwriters. All members in Dream Evil are songwriters and has always been.. Even now after Snowy is gone we’re still five songwriters. For instance, Snowy didn’t write one song on DragonSlayer and that is a great album with great songs.

Of course Snowy is a good songwriter and he’s a nice guy buy I don’t feel that Dream Evil got put in a corner when Snowy left.. As I mentioned before, the bonus cd contains five extra original Dream Evil songs so we didn’t even have room for all songs we’ve written on the normal version of United


The last song on UNITED are the cover of “My Number One” a song sung by Helena Papariziou in the Eurovision Song Contest and is the last song where Gus G and Shaw performs, why on earth did you chose to make a cover of that song? It’s sure a surprising choice of song?

Snowy wrote a guitar riff in the autumn of 2005, he realized that he had heard that song before and it was “My number one”. He then got the idea to record the song just for fun – so we did and we asked Gus to play the guitar just because he’s greek. When it was time to decide which songs to end up on the United album our record company felt that is was a good idea to put this song on the album…


You held the release party for the album in your hometown Gothenburg, Sweden, did you perform then and how was the party?

Yeah, but we just played 4 songs from United.
United, Blind Evil, Back from the dead and Higher on fire
The party was held at Hard Rock Café and we had a really nice time.

Have you read any reviews of the album and what have the media to say about it?

The ones I read up til now has been really good.. and I feel really pleased about the reviews so far.


What can you tell us about the song “Doomlord” (Doomlord is a bird in Sweden)?

You’re right about that. It shows that Metal can also include humor.. And I think it’s very funny…. Especially with Kurt Olsson holding the speech in the middle…


What’s it like to be produced by another band member (Fredrik Nordström)? What do you think of him as a producer?

He is a very good producer and honestly I don’t know anything else. Dream Evil is the only band I’ve been recording albums with and all albums has been recorded in Studio Fredman with Fredrik and Patrik as producers.. So I think it’s superb.


I think you have moved into a little more melodic approach on UNITED? Do you agree?

Maybe, I think that we always have been very melodic. I think that we’ve moved into the middle of the genre Heavy Metal with this album.


Have you done any live shows so far? And have you played the new material live?

Yes, we’ve been in London on november 5 for one show at the Underworld and then we had a double show at Sticky Fingers in Gothenburg on november 25. So we had 3 live shows this far wit hthe new material and it works very well.


One of your shows in Gothenburg are going to be recorded for a DVD, when can we expect to find that DVD in the stores?

That’s not sorted out yet. First of all we will make a video to the song Blind Evil and then we’ll se what happens with the live DVD.


You’re also heading over to Los Angeles in December to play, have you any more shows scheduled in the States besides those gigs?

No, there’s just one show in LA on december 13:th.


With thought of almost all of the members have families/children what’s the odds you’re going out on a proper tour on UNITED?

Not so big , at least not for a full scale tour, we can make smaller tours and spread them out over the year, but I don’t think we will make any longer tours.


You have had a few line-up changes in the band as well, both you and lead singer Niklas Isfeldt left and returned to the band, what’s your story behind that?

It was about touring and the will to sacrifice your family and job for the music and in Niklas case he just couldn’t sing that much because of the troubles he had with his voice at that time.
The rest of the guys wanted to start touring a lot, long tours, and that didn’t work for me as I had a pregnant wife and a great job I didn’t want to leave. So I decided to leave the band and Niklas did that too. After a couple of months when the other guys realized that they couldn’t find any worthy replacements they begged us to come back and they promised us that the touring situation will be handles as it’s been in the past.


One that left the band for good was drummer Snowy Shaw, how come? And are you still friends with him?

We’re still friends. Snowy felt he wanted to put his time into his own projects and his own kind of music so he left the band. No hard feelings.


In to replace him came Pat Power, what can you tell us about him? Has he played in any well-known acts earlier?

Pat played for several years with Transport League and with the band Passenger. He’s a really great drummer..


Another kind of new face is guitarist Mark Black and UNITED is his first album, what do you think of his adjustment in the band?

I think it sounds just perfect. He is the best guitarist I’ve ever played with.


What’s the main difference between Black’s and Gus’s guitar play do you think?

They both are very skilled so it’s hare to put the finger on what differs. They both are superb solo guitarists and superb at rhythm guitar as well… Mark maybe playes in a bit more mature way..


Why have a few of the members taken on artist names and some haven’t?

We all have artist names….
Wait until you see the names on the next album…

With thought of the line-up changes and everything have there ever been thoughts of putting Dream Evil on ice?

Well, when I briefly left Dream Evil last summer it felt like that to me because that was the situation for me, the situation was different for Fredrik I guess..
And now it feels as whole as it can feel..
So the answer is No, never, not at all…


Do you know where in the world Dream Evil have its biggest fanbase?

Japan is big, UK is big as well.
USA is a big country but we have quite good sales in the US so count them in. It was a long time since I checked the sales… but when we get the figures for the sales of United in april 2007 I know the answer…


Are you happy with the work Century Media have put into the album?

Yes of course, I think I would have been even more happier if we didn’t release the limited edition as a limited edition and just released United with all songs as the normal version. But that was obviously too expensive…


Well, that’s about it Peter, thanks for answering my questions, who knows maybe we’ll talk again…

If we have a show in the south of Sweden or in Denmark I know you’ll be there… So till then – Cheers in the night!!


Have you any final words to say to the readers and fans?

I mentioned the limited edition version of United and I must recommend you to spend those extra 20 kr and buy that one instead. As I also mentioned, a couple of those songs on the bonus cd are among my personal favourites… so there’s good stuff on the bonus cd.

Last but not least – Beware of the doomlord….



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