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Interviewed by Anders Sandvall

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Death Breath is the new band formed by the famous Nicke Andersson known from Entombed, The Hellacopters, The Solution and much more. The band plays classical good old Death Metal and have recently released their debut album STINKING UP THE NIGHT. Even though I have followed Andersson career closely for the last 15 years I have never interviewed him… until now. 



Hi Nicke, it’s really fun to finally interview you after all these years, how are you doing today?

I’m OK thank you.


How come you formed Death Breath in the first place?

A lot of things led up to the forming of Death Breath I guess. Helping Alex to put together the Nihlist comp. and reading the “Choosing Death” book helped trigger the idea but mainly because I started to up with heavy riffs again. I just felt like playing death metal again.

Why the name Death Breath? where does it come from?

The first idea was Black Breath (from the Repulsion song) but then I found out that no other death metal band was using the name Death Breath so that was it. A perfect name for a band like us.


Should Death Breath be considered as a band or a project?

It’s definitely a band.


Did you knew the bandmembers Robert Pehrsson and Magnus Hedquist from before you started the band?

I’ve known Robert for a while. He’s a friend of Strings of The Hellacopters. Me and Robert met Magnus at show in Stockholm sometime in the summer last year.


Why aren’t Death Breath a full band on the debut?

Basically Death Breath is me and Robert now that Magnus is out of the band. That works perfect for us.


Why don’t you sing in the band?

Believe me I tried but it sounded like shit so I left it to the boys who knows how to do it.


What’s it like to sit behind the drums in a death metal act again? I guess it’s a lot different from playing drums in your soul project The Solution?

 Yeah, it’s quite different. Physically it’s a pain in the ass. I’m not as fit as I used to be and that’s an understatement. Technically it’s all there though.


You have designed the Death Breath logo, what was on your mind when you created it?

A cool logo is what I had in mind when I did it. But my guess is that you’re thinking about the Possessed logo resemblance and it’s really just the tail you know. A great tail too I might add.


What does the members in The Hellacopters think of your comeback on the death metal scen?

You’d have to ask them.


Let’s talk about the debut album STINKING UP THE NIGHT, when did you start working on it and how long did it take for you and Robert to write the material?

I don’t know how long it took to write the stuff. I forgot to count. I write stuff all the time and we have songs that were done by the time of the recording but never made it on to the album. Those songs will probably end up on our second or third album.


You have a bunch of well known musicians appearing on lead vocals on the album like Jörgen Sandström, Fred Estby and Scott Carlson, why so many guests?

I don’t think of it as many guests. We had the idea of having more than one singer before we recorded and I think it worked out really well. We’ll keep on doing that. Makes the record a little more varied. I’m a Kiss fan and it worked great for them.


And how are you going to cover their absence in a live-situation?

We played a show in Stockholm in Oct. and Scott came over from LA and Jörgen did his part as well. We covered it good. For upcoming shows we’ll have to plan it well that’s all.


You have recorded STINKING UP THE NIGHT in Acetone Studio in Stockholm, why did you chose to record it there and is it a famous studio?

Acetone is a good analog studio and Micke who runs it is great. No, I wouldn’t consider it a famous studio though both Nifelheim and Repugnant have recorded there.


The band have produced the album but what’s it like to produce your own album? Is it better to produce youself or to be produced by someone else?

For Death Breath we don’t need a producer since we know exactly down to the tiniest detail how we want it to sound. I’d say no one knows the stuff we do better than ourselves. But besides that I do like the idea of having a producer. A good producer should be able to bring out the best in you.


I think the production sounds really old school, was that what you strived for with the production?

Not necessarily. We strived for a good production that’s all. Mission accomplished.


I think Death Breath doesn’t have any similarites with your old band Entombed like many people think, instead you have a lot in common with older acts like Nihilst, Venom and Repulsion, how would you like to describe what kind of music Death Breath plays?

We play the stuff we know and like. When it comes to death metal that’s stuff from the 80’s. We pretty much have the same influences as Nihilist had back in the day. To answer your question: we play death metal.


Black Lodge is the home of Death Breath, how come you signed on for them and for how many albums are you signed for?

It’s license deal for one record at a time but it works really well so we’ll most likely continue to work with them.


Are you happy with the promotion etc the the label has put in to the band so far?

Yeah, we couldn’t ask for more.

How was it to work with the old Entombed bassist Jörgen Sandström?

Jörgen is great guy and very easy to work with so that was a pleasure.


Besides drums you also play guitars on the album, but who plays most guitar and who plays lead guitar, you or Robert?

I’d say we play 50/50 of the leads. If you really wanna know it says who plays what in the CD booklet/LP inner sleeve.


The promo copy of STINKING UP THE NIGHT was sent out on tapes, I know you’re a fan of LP’s was it your idea of sending out the promos that way?

It was our idea. Looks great and sounds pretty cool too.


Is there any plans on taking out Death Breath on a proper tour?

Not at the moment but it’s not impossible. We’ll have to wait and see.


Have you read any reviews of the album, what does the media think of it?

I’ve seen some good and some bad. I don’t care what the reviews say really. I think the album is awesome and that’s good enough for me.


Do you have any particular favorite tracks on the album? Is so which one(s) and why?

I think “Coffins…” turned out nice but I like all the songs.


Are you happy with the outcome of STINKING UP THE NIGHT or is there anything you feels you should have done in a different way on the album?

There’s always stuff you’d like to change if you could go back but all in all I’m happy with it. We could’ve used a little more reverb on everything. But that’s the beauty of recording a next album. There will be tons of reverb on that one.


According to your website have Death Breath’s bass player Magnus left the band, who’s replacing him?

We’re not looking for a replacement. I can play the bass when we record. But if Scott decides to move to Sweden he’s got the spot. It doesn’t seem very likely though.


You’re not planning to incorporate Peter Stjärnvind or Uffe Cederlund in Death Breath since they have left Entombed?


Well, here comes another Entombed related question, what do you think of their last EP and studio album and do you think it’s justified to carry on with Entombed now when it’s only one remaining original member?

I think their last EP kicks ass. Great stuff. It’s not for me to say if anything’s justifiable or not. Last time I counted there were 2 original members left – Alex and L.G.


What do you think Entombed fans are going to think about Death Breath’s new album?

I have no idea.


There’s been rumours circling around on and off that you and Dregen from Backyard Babies are going to do something together, is it true?

We’ve talked about doing another Supershit 666 recording but nothing’s planned. We might do some other thing too but nothing in the near future. I don’t know what the rumor says though.


How many projects etc are you currently involved in?

3 or 4 at the moment I think.


What’s happening in The Hellactopers camp now that you’re busy with Death Breath?

The Hellacopters will start recording a new album in January. We’re in the middle of recording a mini album with Death Breath at the moment. It looks like we’ll release it sometime in the spring next year. I’m keeping myself busy.


You certainly are a musical genius, every band or project you’re involved sounds extremely good, how do you manage to stay on top all the time?

Thank you for the kind words. I don’t know, I just work hard and do what I believe in I guess.


Can you reveal on what album you’re going to appear on next?

That would be the debut album from The Bitter Twins which is Boba’s (The Hellacopters) and Sulo’s (Diamond Dogs) new “new wave” project/band. I do some backing vocals and a guitar lead.


What are the upcoming plans for Nicke Andersson and Death Breath under 2007?

The mini album first and then I think we’ll try to record the next full length album. Some shows maybe. I don’t know yet.

It seems next year will be tricky to plan.


I’d really like to thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, any final words to the fans and readers?

No problem. I’m glad you enjoy Death Breath. I suck at final words so I’ll skip that. Thanks! 



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