Paul Stanley – Irving Plaza, New York City

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Paul Stanley
Irving Plaza New York City
October 28, 2006

Review by Kieth McDonald
Live photos by Rob Grundas

When I heard Paul Stanley was releasing his first solo album since the 1978 KISS solo collection, the first thing that popped into my mind was ‘is he going to tour behind it? Paul’s last solo tour was in 1987 when he played small local clubs when I was too young to get into.  When they announced he’d be playing Irving Plaza in New York City I knew I couldn’t miss him this time. I expected him to play a much bigger size venue, maybe a 2,000-seat theatre that could hold as many KISS fans as possible. But that didn’t happen. Irving Plaza is a small place that holds about 800 people…tops. It was no wonder that the show sold out in less than hour.

Paul hit the stage earlier than I expected – about 9:15 which is early for a Saturday night in New York City. He came out opening with his title track ‘Live To Win’ setting up a night of great rock n roll. This was the best show that I have seen since Whitesnake opened for Motley Crue in 1987 on the Girls, Girls, Girls tour. Nothing but great rock. He mixed the night with material from his new solo album, ’78 solo record, KISS classics peppered with some obscure KISS songs that only die-hard fans could appreciate. Paul’s live show was nothing short of amazing. Even after 30+ years he hasn’t lost a step. While most rockers his age can’t move as well, Paul still commands the stage with his moves and presence – dominating the night and show. His backing band, right from the ‘Rock Star’ (Supernova/Inxs) show was great. Solid and on the mark – not missing a beat. The highlight had to go to the drummer whose stick twirls and high energy set the pace. Paul’s new songs blended in well with his classics reaffirming that Paul is a great songwriter. “Lift’, part of the encore, is his strongest song on record as well as live. ‘Bulletproof” is very poppy and radio-friendly but did go over well live. But it was the KISS must-haves that energized the crowd, which was spilling over into the hallways from the overcrowding. ‘Lick It Up’ was set up by Paul and backed by his band perfectly. We also got to sing most of ‘Do You Love Me’ and ‘I Want You’ as Paul took back the reigns of ‘I Want You’ at the end to do a little sing-a-long the way he did on Alive II.


Paul promised to come back but he may not do it solo. I think he was hinting towards hitting the road with Gene and company and the makeup. I can only hope he puts that on hold and continues his solo tour. Till then…

Set List
Live To Win
Hide Your Heart
A Million To One
Got To Choose
Move On
Tonight You Belong To Me
Lick It Up
Wouldn’t You Like To Know Me
Magic Touch
I Still Love You
Everytime I See You Around
Do You Love Me
I Want You
Love Gun

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