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2006, MTM Music/Zink Music
Rating: 1.5/5

Dacia Briges was previoulsy part of the band Tape, which she left in order to pursue a solo career. I don’t know what kind of music she played in Tape, but the solo album is modern rock with a few ballads.

Unfortunately, Dacia’s solo album doesn’t impress me at all – in fact, I can’t remember anything about it, and I’m quite glad that I can put the album away forever. She tries to sound both dangerous and seductive, something that only makes me laugh and immediately lose my interest. Something that’s a little more interesting is the Alex Scholpp’s guitar playing which is really sharp throughout the album.

Most of the 12 songs bleed into each other and it makes the songs hard to separate. The material is substandard and the embarrasing “Rockabilly Bitch” makes me wonder how on earth one can write such a lousy song. The only song that actually works is the duet between Dacia and Lemmy from Motörhead called “Losing You”. Other songs that work a little better are “Who’s To Say”, “Change The World”, and “6”, but that’s about it.

One thing that’s not horrible is the production by Ace (ex-Skunk Anansie) and the mixing by Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Pretty Maides, D.A.D, TNT etc), but they of course can’t do much with bad material. They certainly tried, that’s for sure. This album is recommended to no one besides Dacia and Tape fans.

Dacia Briges – lead vocals
Alex Scholpp – guitar
Ralf Botzenhart – bass
Alex Menichini – drums

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Who’s To Say
Rockabilly Bitch
Stop And Stare
Change The World
Live To Tell
My Reality
How Long
The Communist
Losing You