Gates Of Metal Festival Sweden 2006

Spread the metal:


If you think of it, GoM took place on the same dates as Wacken Open Air so it was a pretty solid line-up the staff had booked. The bands I decided to cover were Deathstars, Sabaton, Destruction and Helloween. Sadly a few of the bands I wanted to see played at the same time on different stages so I couldn’t see everything I wanted.



I arrived to Hultsfred and the campground at noon and was just in time for the camping to open, but to my surprise I couldn’t find any press area or tents or guards for that matter that could give me my press metarials. Instead I had to wait till about four until I could get my passes. But that was pretty fast, I talked to some people that had waited for 4 hours and 50 minutes until they could get their tickets approved and could enter the festival. The festival had only one guard that took care of the tickets etc and that’s too little when it comes to a festival.





The first evening was dedicated to Deathstars who performed at the stroke of midnight. They entered the stage as schedueled on the Led Stage. Deathstars have released 2 albums from which they took the evening’s material.

Deathstars are:

Whiplasher Bernadotte – lead vocals
Nightmare Industries – guitar
Skinny – bass
Bone W Machine – drums

The band had taken in a session guitarist for the evening named Cat that helped out on stage but there wasn’t anyone playing keyboards or samples which looked kind of strange with thought of the bands heavy industrial music. You could question if the band really played live because it looked like none of the guitarists actually played.




Despite that Deathstars did a great show and all four members took advantage of the stage and worked hard to get the crowd going. The sound was brilliant but something that really struck me was that in a live situation the band sounds a lot like a kind of light Rammstein. A few of the featured songs this night were “Tongues”, “Blitzkrieg Boom”, “Cyanide”, “Play God”, “Motherzone”, “Trinity Fields”, “The Last Ammunition”, “Death In Vogue”, “Semi Automatic”, “Synthetic Generation”.

And when the people continued to party after the show I knew I had a busy day the next day and went to sleep.