Meat Loaf – Classic Albums: Bat Out Of Hell

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Meat Loaf
Classic Albums: Bat Out Of Hell

2006, Eagle Vision
Rating: 5/5

One of the greatest albums of all time: BAT OUT OF HELL, put Meatloaf on the charts and in the homes of millions. An album that still sells consistantly to this very day and estimates put it at well over 30 Million copies sold to date.

Included here are interviews with Jim Steinman, Todd Rundgren, Meatloaf and others that were vital in making this album the masterpiece that it became. This behind the scenes look sheds a new light on how much really went into its making. Seeing Todd and Meatloaf behind the mixing board showing the different tracks that make up a single song. One of the most interesting segments of the disc is how Jim and Meatloaf came to work together, and how Rundgren came into the picture as well.

A well put together documentary which gives you an even higher admiration for this timeless classic.