Dio In Copenhagen Denmark 2006

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Scandinavian Tour
Amager Bio, Copenhagen, Denmark
28/8 – 2006

Review and Photos By: Anders Sandvall

The legendary Dio came back to Scandinavia and Copenhagen at the end of August and of course I was there to witness another great performance by this icon. But I wouldn’t go so far as calling this round a Scandinavian tour though, Dio visited Denmark, Norway and Estonia before he headed home to the U.S.

I didn’t pay attention to the opening act, I was focused on the main show, instead I spent a little time exploring the venue which was an old movie-theatre with a genuine old feeling. The theatre had a capacity of 900 and this evening had about 700 people arrive to watch the show. Something that was real fun to see was the different ages that were there as there were both older gentlemen that probably stuck with Dio since the 60-70’s as well as younger kids that maybe recently have discovered him. Behind the floor of the venue there were a huge balcony were people stood, the venue had a perfect floor that sloped downwards to the stage and made it possible to see the show from wherever you were standing.




The huge scene that was both wide and broad enhanced only the necessary equipment for the evening. The backdrop visualized the stunning art-work of the HOLY DIVER album and nothing more besides that wasn’t really necessary. After strolling around a while it was time to take place in the photopit where the fence leaned against the stage and made it extremely crowded and hard to take pictures.

Dio kicked off the show with “Children Of The Sea”, the band this evening consists of:

Craig Goldy – guitar
Simon Wright – drums
Scott Warren – keyboards
Rudy Sarzo – bass


It was my first time watching Dio in action with these guys but they didn’t let me down in the slightest, all of them were amazing backing up Dio. Goldy has never been a favorite of mine but I have to admit that he sounds much better now than he has for years. Sarzo plays along brilliantly with Wright and Warren had been given much more prominent space in the soundpicture. The front team uses every inch of the stage and every one seemed to be in a really great mood.  

If you thought that this evening was only going to be dediacted to newer Dio material you thought wrong. The good old classics like “Holy Diver”, “Last In Line”  and “Dream Evil” were fired off and he also delivered stuff like “Stand Up And Shout”, “Gypsy”, “Rainbow In The Dark”, “Naked In the Rain”, “Sunset Superman” and “Man On The Silver Mountain” with a verse of “Catch The Rainbow” that slides into “Long Live Rock’n’Roll” and “Heaven And Hell”.



The tempo was fast and sweaty with the crowd going wild at the very first minute. Unfortunately the tempo dropped when Wright delivered the evenings first solo early in the show, luckily it was a short solo. In the middle of the set it was time for Warren and Goldy to show off and after that everyone worth it had their time on stage. These breaks are not funny but maybe necessary in order for Dio to rest his voice a while.

A great choice of songs as well as brilliant sound and lighting made this evening a treat for both ears, eyes and soul. That showed when Dio thanked the crowd and the crowd didn’t stop cheering and clapping for minutes.

Ordinary playing time ended with “Heaven and Hell” but of course the people wanted more and Dio returned with “We Rock” and “The Last In Line”. The show lasted for 1 hour and 45 wonderful minutes, it was one of the better shows with Dio and after that it was only to try to catch the train and go home to Sweden humming “Rainbow In the Dark”. 



Children Of The Sea
I Speed At Night
Naked In The Rain
Stand Up And Shout
Holy Diver
Sunset Superman
Temple Of The King
Kill The King
Rainbow In The Dark
Guitar&Keyboard solo
All The Fools Sailed Away
Man On The Silver Mountain
Catch The Rainbow
Long Live Rock’n’Roll
Heaven And Hell


We Rock
The Last In Line


Thanks to Tina Rosa Sondergaard at ICO & ET Concerts Promotion for press/photo pass to the show.

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Thanks to my friend Pekka for keeping track of the setlist.

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