Astral Doors live at KB in Malmö Sweden 2006

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Astral Doors
Support to Blind Guardian
21/9 – 2006

By: Anders Sandvall
Pictures by: Anders Sandvall




Astral Doors have become one of my new favorite acts because of their stunning singer Patrik Johansson and you can believe I was glad when I saw that they were about to come to Sweden and Malmö. They are supporting Blind Guardian throughout Europe and the first stop in Sweden was Malmö before they headed further up in Sweden and later on to England. This show was actually booked to take place in a much larger venue called Baltiska Hallen with a capacity of about 4000 people, however the band was forced to cancel that venue in order to perform at KB instead, a place that takes 750 people. There’s probably a lot of reasons why the band couldn’t sell out Baltiska Hallen and one of the I’m sure was the really expensive tickets.




5 minutes before scheduled time Astral Doors stood on stage and kicked off the evening with “Black Rain” taken from their latest album, the masterpiece ASTRALISM that came earlier this year. The main focus was on the songs and music and instead of doing any unnecessary talking Johansson only introduced the next song. Altogether the set contained 10 songs and the show was over on 50 minutes. Time that was very generosly given to the band by Blind Guardian, most support acts only gets 30-40 minutes. 

It looked like the crowd was there not only to see the main act Blind Guardian but also to see the up and coming Astral Doors. It also sounded like the small crowd had heard the bands older albums because during the evening the crowd sang along in several of the songs.

Astral Doors delivered skilled 80’s hardrock in the veins of the older Dio/Whitesnake school and the fact that Johansson also sounds almost just like Dio and Coverdale makes the Astral Doors experience even better. He almost sounded even better live but it felt like he held back a little so that he didn’t blew the soundsystem totally away and I can totally understand why he is such a requested singer.



Besides Patrik Johansson Astral Doors are:

John Lindqvist – drums
Joakim Roberg – organ
Martin Haglund – guitar
Joachim Nordlund – guitar
Mika Häranta – bass


Even if Johansson didn’t move around and mostly stood with his mic guitarist Nordlund did, Johansson invited the audience to sing a long in the songs “Time To Rock” and “Evil Is Forever” which they did but unfortunately played the band so loud that you almost couldn’t hear the people.





The evenings first six songs was taken from Astral Doors new brilliant CD ASTRALISM and the previous one EVIL IS FOREVER. The remaning songs was taken from their breakthrough CLOUDBREAKER from 2003 that was only released in Japan and Asia but later the same year came in the rest of the world but then under the title OF THE SON AND THE FATHER.

When Johansson announced “Trojan Horse” the show was almost over, after that he thanked the crowd for being there and kicked off the evenings last song “Cloudbreaker”. It was a brilliant show that Astral Doors let us take part of and this band deserves to be a headline act rather than a support act.

The only negative thing about this evening was the lack of photopit and fences below the stage, the crowd stood right below the stage and that made it almost impossible to get good pictures, that’s why there’s such few pictures from the show.




Black Rain
Bride Of Christ
Tears From A Titan
Time To Rock
Evil Is Forever
London Caves
Of The Son And The Father
Hungry People
Trojan Horse


Thanks to Sound Pollution for help with the press/photo pass to the show

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