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Johan and Pece 

Interview and pictures by: Anders Sandvall

Recently I got to talk talk with member’s Johan and Pece that plays drums and guitar/vocals in the Malmö based band WIT.This interview was conducted at a Café in downtown Malmö, Sweden.The band has released a self financed brilliant EP that gives us a preview of what we can to expect from them in the near future.


Hi guys, let’s kick off the interview with you telling the readers how, when and where WIT were formed and why you chose to call the band WIT?

Wit was formed 2003 in a bar in Malmoe.The name means streetwise or whatever you’d like it to mean It is short and cool and we like it yaah man very much thank you

You have done a lot of gigs in the southern parts of Sweden but have you done any shows outside Sweden?

We’ve done most of our shows in Sweden we’ve had gigs in Denmark to but we’re working on getting the band to other places in Europe. We’ve been told there’s a strong urge for our sound abroad.

I’d call your music retro 70s hard rock with progressive parts, how would you like to describe what kind of music you play?

Explosive rock music with R&B melodies, really just loud rock that would make any housewife flip out…




You are a trio, haven’t you had any thoughts of bringing in a second guitarist to make the music sound more full?

Actually, there’s no guitarist who can match himself against Pece and besides we are a trio, that’s it and that’s what you get! Don’t really understand what you mean by sounding more full.. If you mean full we are” fulla” all the time!

How many demos have you recorded so far?


Pece, was it hard to convince one of the most talented drummer in Sweden – Johan Helgesson, to join the band?

Not really, I just promised him we would be a drum-oriented band…

Johan: and free drinks as I recall it.

Pece, you write the music/lyrics, what are the lyrics about and have the other guys any saying on what the songs should sound like?

About half of the songs have a deeper sense and the rest are nice Little Richard inspired bangers

Where do you find the inspiration to write music/lyrics?

Mostly a riff or a melody just pops up in my head while I’m doing something ordinary like changing my daughter’s diapers or strolling around the town.

Pece, according to Johan you are the bandleader is that right?

You could say I’m the “ comandante” when it comes to writing the material but we all have different roles. When it comes to running our label Dang-A-Lang Music Peter is the boss and when it gets down to money Johan is the boss.

You had trouble of finding any interested label therefore you took matter into your own hands and formed your own label Dang-A-Lang Music, are there any other acts on the label? And how you come up with that name on a label?

Johan came up with the name and it’s also a part of the lyrics to Shake it.
No, there are no other acts for the time being maybe in the future who knows… only bands that know how to play their instruments though.

How did you get Border Music to distribute your EP? Where are the EP released and when did you release it?

Border contacted us and wanted to distribute our First recording so that’s what happened. The ep is only released in Sweden but can be bought otherwise by contacting us at info@wit.nu. It was released in the year of the orangutan baby 2006.


Are there any plans on a worldwide release?

No, but there are bigger plans for our upcoming full-length album.

Are all of the 6 songs newly written? And did you write any new songs with the EP in mind?

Four tracks where written with the EP in mind the other two have been around since the band was formed.


You have recorded the EP yourself, why so?

That’s not true, we recorded the basic tracks with Per Sunding (The Cardigans, Sort Sol, The Ark). However we produced it ourselves because we already knew how we wanted to do. We got into the studio and just banged it in song by song. We did all the tracks in about 3 days and then Pece put the vocals on in 2 days so drums, bass and guitar is all live… What you hear is authentic played in straight takes.

You recorded it in Tambourine Studio and PingPongMusic in Arlöv outside Malmö, why did you choose those studios?

Pece has been working from time to time in Tambourine Studios with other artists over the last 10 years and we all like the vibe in there along with the creative environment it possesses.


Have you read any reviews of the EP yet?

Yes, they’re all fantastic….

Do you have any favorite song on the EP? If so which one and why?

Pece: If I have to choose one it would be “A little love” the lyrics have a special meaning to me. The vibe of the music is soul-filling.

Johan: my favorite is hard and heavy no bullshit asskicking “Demonic” it just roooooocks..

You have released a single “Tippy Toe Dance” that’s available as a download, is it available as a “real” single as well?

No it’s only released as a digital single.



Have you recorded a video to “Tippy Toe Dance”?

We shot a live video for it in a club in Malmö (Sweden) called Kulturbolaget. It is available on our website so tune in and dig!


I know that you’re going to record a full-length album this winter, when is it available in the stores do you think?

Our plan is to have it out in the stores in the beginning of next year.

Do you have enough material for a full-length album already?

Yes, now it’s down to choosing the best songs and start a pre-production of them.

Where are you going to record the debut and are you going to release it on your own label?

We haven’t decided where to record it yet…  and we intend to release the album on our own label.

What’s the most common question you’ll get by fans on your website?

When are you going to play in my town?
What do you eat for breakfast?
Do you eat meat?
Stay away from my daughter (not really a question.)

I know that Johan have been busy touring and working with other bands besides WIT, how does that affect WIT?

Not at all, he does his little metal adventures and he’s able to play out all his chops and when he gets back he’s mellowed down and that’s when he plays his best drumming.


How many bands are you currently involved in today Johan?

As Debase is sleeping my only band is Wit.
Wit is what I breath eat and piss.End of story::

Johan, I’d say that you are one of the best drummers in Sweden at the moment both regarding speed and technicality, what’s your comment to that?

Anders would you have my child???….hahaha
There are so many good drummers out there so what can I say ??Thank you so very much Anders.

You are also the heavy pounding drummer in Malmös metal icons Debase, it’s been quite from Debase for a really long time now what’s up in the Debase camp,?

Due to a communication breakdown between us and the record company we have to wait 1 year more to be free of our contract.
It’s a mess really but some new material has been recorded and it’s fucking good too.


Do Pece and Peter play in any other bands/projects besides WIT?

No, at the moment they only have WIT.


What’s the plan for WIT during the rest of 2006?

Pre-production of our upcoming album and we’re planning to do some showcase in The UK this fall.

Thanks a lot guys for taking the time to answer my questions, is there anything you’d like to say to the readers and fans out there?

Take care and watch out for the Dang-A-Lang!!!!!

The Witboys


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