Tokyo Dragons live at Malmö Festivalen Sweden 2006

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Tokyo Dragons

Give Me The Fear Tour
Malmö Festival
25/8 – 2006


Review and Pictures by
Anders Sandvall





The English garage/riff rockers in Tokyo Dragons attended the last night of Malmö Festivalen located in Malmö Sweden. The guys have been here earlier this year when they played at the famous Hultsfreds Festival. The entire evening this night was totally dedicated to harder rock and metal with acts like Paradise Lost, Pennywise, The Forsaken and Darkane (replacing Soilwork) performing.


Tokyo Dragons entered the small stage right on time, midnight.




Because of their late appearance the crowd was pretty small but welcomed the long-haired greasy guys with open arms. Tokyo Dragons set the tone for the night right away with their kick-start “Johnny Don’t Wanna Ride” a heavy, mean guitarbased rock’n’roll song. The band ran through 11 tunes, 7 of them taken from the new album like “Get ´Em Off”, “Come On Baby” and “Do You Wanna”. Three new song were also presented, they were called “On Your Marks”, “Keepin The Wolves Out From The Door” and “Stay The Ride”, all of the worked really well but it’s hard to say something about songs you hear for the first time during a show but they sounded a little more heavy and meaner compared to the ones from the album.

It seemed like the small but brave crowd didn’t knew anything about Tokyo Dragons which is strange with thought of that the band is really hyped here in Sweden at the moment. The show ended with “Rockin The Stew” dedicated to the Flight Company Ryan Air for some reason?.





The show was over on 50 minutes and for the people that didn’t wander off after the show the guys played the encore “Give Me All Your Lovin” and yes, it’s a cover of the ZZ Top song. After that the guys thanked the crowd, the gig lasted for about 1 hour. I think that Tokyo Dragons impressed a lot more live and their music works perfect in a live situation. With the right promotion theses guys are definitley a name for the future.

The only negative thing this night should be given to Malmöfestivalen that schedueled The Forsaken at the same time as Tokyo Dragons. With the small amount of harder rock they presented this year they could at least have schedueled the band so that they weren’t playing against each other.


Johnny Don’t Wanna Ride
What The Hell
Get Em Off
On Your Marks
Come On Baby
Keeping The Wolves Out Of The Door
Let It Go
Stay The Ride
Do You Wanna
Rockin The Stew

Give Me All Your Lovin


 Tokyo Dragons are:

Steve Lomax – lead vocals, guitar
Mal Bruk – guitar, b-vox
Mathias Stady – bass
Phil Martini – drums , b-vox



Thanks to Lars Chriss at Escapi Music Group and Skrikhult Production for the help with the photo pass


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