Slamer – Nowhere Land

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Nowhere Land
2006, Frontiers Records/Zink Music
Rating: 4.5/5


English guitar player Mike Slamer started out his long career in the Birmingham-based band City Boy which released its debut 1976. It went pretty well for them, but during late 70’s there wasn’t much room for progressive/melodic rock when punk exploded, so Mr. Slamer decided to move to America where he formed The Streets with singer Steve Walsh, who had left the band Kansas. Other joining members were Billy Greer and Tim Gehrt. The Streets made two albums that went over really well with the fans, but Steve Walsh and Billy Greer returned to Kansas during 1986. Afterward, Mr. Slamer began to work as a session player and songwriter for House of Lords, Warrant, Michael Sweet, and James Christian. He’s also produced two albums with Steelhouse Lane.

Now Mr. Slamer has decided that it’s about time to do something under his own name, and thus Slamer was formed. His purpose with this album was to make the ultimate album of his career and that’s something at which he has surely succeeded. Along with Mr. Slamer we find his longtime companion Terry Brock on lead vocals and none other than Billy Greer on background vocals.

Slamer has made the perfect album with the perfect mix of well-played melodic hard rock, prog, and ballads. NOWHERE LAND is a wet dream for all Seventh Key fans even though Slamer is a little bit heavier. It’s also an album where Mike Slamer once again shows what an amazing guitarist he is. Terry Brock has a lot in common with Billy Greer vocal-wise and he masters the lyrics and emotions extremely well.

The album seems almost too short – something other albums don’t have problems with – with its 60-minute running time, and that’s only because of the extremely high standard on the material. “Nowhere Land”, “Not In Love”, “Higher Ground”, “Jaded”, “Runaway”, “Audio Illusion”, and “Superstar” are a few of the songs that stand out the most. Mr. Slamer has also produced NOWHERE LAND, and it’s a production that’s outstanding just like the album. This is one of the strongest albums released by Frontiers Records so far this year, and every true fan of melodic hard rock have to have NOWHERE LAND!

Terry Brock – lead vocals, b-vox
Mike Slamer – guitar, keyboards, b-vox
Chet Wynd – drums, b-vox
Billy Greer – b-vox


Mowhere Land
Strength To Carry On
Not In Love
Come To Me
Higher Ground
Beyond The Pole
Audio Illusion
Perfect Circle