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Once again I had the opportunity to chat with the notorious Lord K from God Among Insects who recently unleashed their stunning second album entitled ZOMBIENOMICON. The last time I talked to Lord K was when I interviewed him for his other band The Project Hate.

So for the first time in Metal-Rules.com, here´s some sort of an info package what you possibly want to know about God Amongst Insects.


Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall
Promo pictures provided by: Lord K
Promo pictures taken by: Henrik Hedlund from Chaos Media



Hi again Lord K, nice to talk with you again, are you ready to talk a little about God Amongst Insects?

Sure, if you actually take the time to start referring to us by our real name which is God AMONG Insects. Our fucken logo can’t be that hard to read, now can it, hahaha


Who made God Amongt Insects become a reality back in 2004?

I did. I had these songs lying around… Tunes that I had created for no reason what so ever actually, except that I wanted to get some really downtuned death metal out of me. Just for kicks, you know. Eventually I came to the conclusion that these songs should be recorded properly and released since they all kicked ass. I approached Tobben about it and from there it all fell into place. The birth of the Insecct was a fact.


Is GAI a band or a project?

It sure is a band none of us spend much time on. We just do some gigs when we get the offers and I write some music when I feel like it. We don’t function like yer regular band thigh, with rehearsals and stuff. We have rehearsed together ONCE since we started. We know how to do this shit, you know, and before a gig we just practice our stuff individually. Then for laughs I go down to Tobben and we crank these tunes in Vomitory’s rehearsal room. You could say doing that is just an excuse for me and him to meet up and get drunk as shit.


With thought of that all of the members in GAI are involved in other bands, how can you find the time to rehearse?

I think I just answered that. This is another reason, we live too far away from each other so rehearsing is a hard thing to do. I don’t think we would rehearse if we lived in the same city anyways but hey… Rehearsing is overrated.

Do you think that GAI can be considered an all-star project because of all the well-known members?

An underground all star project if anything. It’s not like we are world famous with our respective bands, but most of us in the band’s been doing this shit for quite some time now. It’s definitely not selling millions of albums being who we are but fuck it. We would sell less if we weren’t us.

Why did you call the band GAI in the first place?

As a band we needed a name and this name popped up while I watched some porn movies. It’s a fucken killer name for a death metal band and I love it still to this day. That porn movie that is. Definitely one of the better death metal monikers out there, together with Vomitory which just reeks of death metal.


According to my info notes you formed the band with one single purpose, to play death metal, would you like to expand that statement a bit wider?

What for? That sentence sums it up to the core. We started this to play death metal. No fancy shit, not aiming to be the fastest band in the world.We just wanted to create some death metal and have a great time doing it. And we did just that. There’s no deeper meaning with what we do. We play death metal amd that’s that.


You released your debut album WORLD WIDE DEATH the same year as you founded GAI, did you have material to make an album before you even started the band?

Not really. I think I had like 1/3 of the album material wise. I entered full writing mode as soon as we had settled on the members and made up some plans for the first recording. Then we wrote some track in the studio as well, because we were bored.

You recorded that album in Studio Abyss with Tommy Tägtgren as a producer.  Why did you chose that studio and Mr. Tägtgren as a producer?

I was always curious about this Tommy Tägtgren guy and just called him up, explaining that we wanted to record with him. We clicked right away and Tommy is one of the greatest fucken human beings I have ever met. As long as GAI exists we will record with Tommy. He’s the 5th member of the band.Actually, he’s the first member of the band. What he did on “Z” is fucken insane. That’s how a death metal record should sound.


Is WORLD WIDE DEATH still avaliable in the stores today?

Probably not. It hardly ever was. Threeman really made sure they worked with the right people so the album actually never got out to the stores…Fuck them.

Do you remember what the fans and media thought of the first album?

It was mixed reactions. I think people was kinda taken by suprise by the extremely low tuning but at the same time positively taken by the fact that Sweden finally brought something worth listening to to the table. “WWD” is a good album for a debut but you can really tell on “Z” how we got shit together for that one. It’s a completely different experience. “Z” feels more like a band effort even if it’s executed just as “WWD” was in most ways.


I know you did a show at Gates of Metal Festival in Sweden on your first album, did you do any more shows besides that one? And was it the same line-up live as on record?

We have played 8 gigs up til now I think. And yeah, the same guys plays live as on the albums. We have yet to bring the Insect abroad. But fuck that, Sweden, and especially Östersund, Västerås and Karlstad are excellent cities to play in.


Were do you have you biggest fanbase? In Sweden or any other country and what’s the most common question you get by the fans?

I don’t consider us having a big fanbase for shit. Some know about us,most don’t. And none of us care too much. The most obvious question would be “how low do you tune yer guitars”. Damn, it says so in the bio, how hard can it be to fucken read?.


At the end of last year you entered the studio to record ZOMBIENOMICON, how long did the recording take and how does it work when you write material,who does what?

We recorded and mixed over 10 days. The actual music and vocals were done in 6, if I remember shit correctly. I write all of the material, except when me and Tobben jam something out in the studio, then it’s a co-writing thing. 2 songs from “Z” were written and recorded in 1 and a half hours while in the studio. Caligula takes care of the lyrics. That’s a very disturbed individual, as can be seen in his writing.


What are the lyrics about on the new cd?

I suggest you take a look at the title and then read the lyrics available in the booklet. Shouldn’t take Einstein to figure it out. It’s not about kittens, I can tell you that much,

Why the title ZOMBIENOMICON? Does the title mean anything special?

Caligula jokeingly came up with it and I fell for it on the spot. It’s the book of the zombies. Yes, zombies obviously can write and read. Talented fuckers.

Who has done the cover art-work? What do you think of it and does it symbolize anything in particular?

It symbolizes our idea of having a shit ugly cover for the album and it’s done by a Finnish guy called Sebastian Boström. Excellent, excellent artist and the only guidelines we ever gave him was “make it look like shit”. It takes talent to be able to draw something that ugly. I have a huge fucken poster of that paitning on my wall and it sure is ugly as a fucken ugly thing.


The famous Dan Swanö has done the mastering, how was it to work with him? And why did you want him to master the new album?

I didn’t work with him for the mastering much. Just handed over the master and told him to make it sound even better than it already did. Dan is fucken ace, to say the least. I love working with him.

Do you think that GAI have developed musically through the years? If so how and in what way?

Yeah, we got faster. That’s the only progression I can think of. We never looked for progression, just catchy fucken death metal. The fact we got faster.. I blame that on me listening to Vomitory. The world’s best death metal band.


What does this following lines mean that can read in the bio “The theme o fUhr-Nazuur has been explored to the fullest and what you will discover might be something close to a concept”?

Once again I suggest you read the lyrics. “Uhr-Nazuur” is the walking dead. A clan of sorts. A very party-like bunch of creatures. And their parties consists of humans, humans, humans and humans.

You played at your releaseparty, how did that go?

We had the releaseparty for “Z” when we played with Bolt Thrower here in Örebro, Sweden. It went completely awesome and we blew BT off stage, which was nice. I wish I had that gig on video, it’s like the only gig we don’t  have recorded.

Do you think that you are going to do more live shows on this album compared to the previous one?

We already did, so yeah.


You have ended you co-operation with label Threeman Records, why? Are you currently searching for another label?

Threeman and us parted becoz it was time for that. Good luck to them. Not looking for a new label at the moment, not working on new songs and basically we are not caring too much since we are all busy with our real bands.


With thought of Threeman Records have a pretty lousy distribution can we find your albums avaliable everywhere?

I am suprised if you find them ANYWHERE.


I have looked for your albums in the stores but haven’t found anyone yet,why are they so hard to get?

E-mail Threeman and ask. Then tell us because we wanna know too. Ask them if we can have some royalty statements as well.

When can we expect to find the next album with GAI out in the stores? On your website it says that nothing can be done before Tobben and Vomitory have recorded their new album but it also says that you have some material for a new album, is that true? Can you reveal any new titles of any songs?

No titles done but a few songs (2 or 3 I think) have been completed since a good while back. I have no idea when we will record another album. I don’t even know if we will get another record deal, and seriously, I don’t fucken care. I’m all TPH at the moment, we got another killer album to do.


I have read a few interviews here in Sweden in various magazines where you claim that you really don’t like to be interviewed and to answer questions,what’s so bad with Swedish press?

I don’t mind answering questions but I definitely despise some of the magazines becuse of their lack of talent when it comes to the actual writing. I see no reason to be a part of those media outlets.


What´s going on in The Project Hate camp at the moment?

I’m currently writing the lyrics for album number 5. Everything else is completed and now I’m just fine tuning it. We are talking to a few labels about an eventual deal. We’ll see what happens, but when/if/ this 5th album comes out, the end is near for humanity. We will bring armageddon upon the earth with it.

Besides world domination what’s the plans for GAI for the rest of 2006/7?

We have no plans what so ever at the moment. Everyone’s busy with their real bands, as mentioned. We’ll see what happens. If anything.


Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer my questions and is there anything you’d like to say to the readers and fans outthere?

Thanx for the support man. Check out the sites:





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