The Brought Low – Right on Time

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The Brought Low
Right on Time
2006, Small Stone Records
Rating: 4/5

Hailing from New York City, the members of The Brought Low are not of this time. I’m not saying that they’re a bunch of 80-year olds playing tin whistles, but their music is definitely not what one would expect in 2006. See, The Brought Low play pure old-school rock ‘n roll, ripped straight from classics like The Rolling Stones or Humble Pie. A deep blues influence is obvious in their sound, as is more than a hint of bygone country.

The riffs are vintage, that’s for sure. If a song like “Hail Mary” doesn’t conjure visions of Keith Richards, guitar slung low, cigarette hanging out of his mouth, picking away a classic Stones tune, then you need to bone up on your rock ‘n roll history. Hell, Benjamin Smith’s vocals even recall Mick Jagger on this, and most of the other songs. Surely, “Hail Mary” sums up The Brought Low’s existence in a nice, concise five minutes.

For sure, rock ‘n roll fans will eat this up, but the problem is, I’ve never been a huge fan of this stuff. About half way through RIGHT ON TIME’s fifty minute duration, I start tuning out. I definitely appreciate what they’re doing here, but ultimately The Brought Low just aren’t my cup ‘o joe. But man, like I said, this is Holy Grail-caliber stuff if you’re into this style. Final tally: fans will give this a 5/5, but personally it’s a 3/5, so we’ll just split the difference…

1) A Better Life
2) Hail Mary
3) This Ain’t No Game
4) Tell Me
5) Dear Ohio
6) Throne
7) Vernon Jackson
8) Shakedown
9) Blues for Cubby
10) There’s a Light

Benjamin Howard Smith: Vocals, Guitars
Nick Heller: Drums
Robert Russell: Bass