Dark Tranquillity in Sydney, Australia

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First on the bill was Sydney’s INFERNAL METHOD—always a crowd pleaser keeping the early front-rowers headbanging.

One of Australia’s favourite metal acts, ALARUM, returned to Sydney. The crowd showed appreciation while watching them play to their usual high standard.

When it was time for DARK TRANQUILLITY to hit the stage the crowd started to get impatient. After they opened with The Treason Wall singer Mikael Stanne announced this Australian tour was 17 years in the making to which the crowd erupted.

Lost To Apathy, White Noise Black Silence and The Sun Fired Blanks followed with the crowd clapping along during the bridge of the last song.

“This is the first time here and I couldn’t be happier. We wanna give you something special. Try a new songs on you,” said Stanne as the band started The New Build.

We were all surprised when the tour was announced because by all accounts DARK TRANQUILLITY were suppose to be back home writing and recording their next album.

Windmills aplenty filled the stage and the people in the first couple of rows were constantly reaching across the pit to make contact with a Swede while they belted out The Wonders At Your Feet and Where Death Is Most Alive.

As the crowded shouted requests for the next song, Stanne replied: “All in good time,” and the band launched into Endless Feed.

“Back in time to 1996 from Mind Slide about our different lifestyles,” Stanne said. Hedon and Haven followed.

Damage Done was introduced as being the second title track of the evening: “We fuck ‘em and they never recover.”

Therein and Monochromatic Stains, were next up.

“Old school again from Mind’s Eye,” shouted Stanne “Zodijackyl Light.”

DARK TRANQUILLITY hadn’t even walked off stage before the crowd started shouting “We want more!”, followed by chants of “D-T, D-T, D-T!”.

String sounds from the keyboard introduced Punish My Heaven and Lethe. After further extreme headbanging from the crowd and desperate outreaches to touch the band, Stanne asked: “Can you handle some more?” The crowd shouted until they were hoarse.

“You are unbelievable!” said Stanne. “Everything we heard about you has been superseded.” That comment really made me smile.

The crowd sang along with the introduction for My Negation.

Stanne farewelled Sydney: “Thank you from the bottom of our Swedish hearts. We will come back as soon as humanly possible,” and the show ended with Final Resistance.

It is rare to see sheer joy radiating from the faces of the crowd after a show and I was touched that the band had signed a set list for someone less than 10 minutes after the walking off stage.

DARK TRANQUILLITY were faultless in performance, attitude and warmth—the only thing that could have made the night better for me would have been if PATHOGEN (from Perth) were one of the support acts for the east coast leg of the tour.

I can’t wait for DARK TRANQUILLITY to return to our shores.