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Here is an update on what’s going on in the Swiss act Lunatica camp. The band have recently released their third album THE EDGE OF INFINITY and I hooked up with the lead singer Andrea Dätwyler with the mission to talk about the bands new album, their future and other stuff. So here you have all you need to now so enjoy this, if you want to read more look at the past interview with Andrea here in


Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall
Promo pictures provided by Frontiers Records

Thanks to Stefan at Zink Music for providing the photos of Lunatica


Hi Andrea, Nice to talk to you again, are you ready to answer some questions?

Hi Anders, yes, I’m ready. Thank you for your interest.

Lets start off with talking a little about your previous album FABLES AND DREAMS, how did that album go and what did the fans think of it?

We’ve got a lot of good reviews with this album and I think it made us more known also outside of Switzerland. We still receive many e-mails from fans all over the world who love the album. This is wonderful. Otherwise we wouldn’t have had that many preorders for the new album also from far away.


Do you know how many copies you sold of it and was it released worldwide?

It was released worldwide. I don’t know exactly yet how many copies we sold, because it’s still running, even more now because of the new album. I know that we had a big success in Japan where we entered the HMV metal charts. In Switzerland we sold at least 4000 copies.

Do you think that Lunatica gained a lot of newer fans with that album?

I think so. The first album was more a demo and was released by ourselves only in Switzerland. “Fables & Dreams” was the first album that was released by a label and this has definitely brought us new fans all over the world.



You did a shorter tour through Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and France, how was that and why did you only tour through those countries?

It was our first tour and it was great. It was also the first time for us to play outside of Switzerland. Since all band members have a full time job in our “normal” life, we have to save our holidays for tour, studio, etc. Like that we wanted to do first a small tour. There were no big distances between those countries. That’s why we stayed a bit near to Switzerland.


Which gig was the best one to do and was it a headliner-tour you were out on?

We were supporting Domain and Mob Rules, two German bands who did a double headliner tour. I can’t tell you which gig was the best one. They were all special. The highlight of each day was to play live in the evening.


Do you get a lot of mail from fans and which are the most common question you get from the fans?

We get lots of e-mail from our fans. It seems to me that I get most of them but often people write to the whole band. The most common question at the moment is if we can send anyone a signed copy of one of the three albums. People from foreign countries also often ask where they can get our first album “Atlantis”. Unfortunately it is only available in Switzerland but you can order it from the shop on our homepage, we send it to any country in the world.


Are  there any plans to release your debut ATLANTIS worldwide?

We recently got an offer from Russia. They want to release “Atlantis” there. For the rest of the world we have no offers yet. It seems that you can get “Atlantis” only in Switzerland and Russia in the near future.


Are you happy with the way your label Frontiers Records have promoted all of your albums? Do you think that more time and effort have been put into the promotion regarding this new album compared to the previous one?

Yes, of course. It was also easier this time to promote the album because people did already know the name “Lunatica”. With the success of the last album they had a certain base to build up the promotion. So far they did a really good job. 


Now lets talk about your new album THE EDGE OF INFINITY, when did you start to work on it and who has written the material?

We started to write new songs right after the release of “Fables & Dreams”. This time our main composer was Alex Seiberl, our keyboarder. For him it’s very easy to record his ideas at home. He usually presented us a demo version of a new song. If everybody liked it we worked it out together. Like that each band member could bring in his ideas for his own instrument. I usually write my lyrics when the song is almost finished.

I know that the Swedish songwriters Carl Falk and Sebastian Thott have written the song “Who You Are”, why did you feature that song when I know you write all your material by yourself?

We got in contact with Location Studios over a year ago, because we always admired their productions for famous artists. At that time they had no song that would fit for Lunatica but they told us to be patient because they thought it would be fun to write something different from the stuff that they normally do. Two month later they wrote “Who You Are” and they offered it to us. We liked it very much and thought it would also be a good radio single.


I read you went to Wolfsberg in Germany to record the album, why? And which studio did you use?

We went to Gate Studio Wolfsburg and worked again with Sascha Paeth and Miro who had already done the last album. They did a great job with the production of “Fables & Dreams”. It was like coming home because we knew each other and the way we work. We could send up the pre-production before we entered the studio. Like that Sascha knew the songs already and could give us some good advices regarding the production. 


Lets clear out who’s done the production, in my papers it says that Sascha Paeth and Miro have produced but on the promo it says you, which is true?

Both is true. The main structure of the songs didn’t differ much from the pre-production when they were finished but Miro did work out the symphonic parts in the songs with Alex and he did also change some keyboard sounds. Sascha did the mixing and mastering.


Sascha Paeth is once again involved in the album, why have you worked with him again and what makes him so special to work with?

We were really satisfied with the production of the last album. It still sounds great. It was easy for us to work again with Sascha for the new album. Working with Sascha is very easy. He is honest and tells you when you should change something about the production. We absolutely trust in his opinion because he has a lot of experience. Through these years our relationship with the guys from Wolfsburg has become a friendship and we always have a great time when we are in the studio.


Do you think you have developed musically on this album compared to the previous ones? I think that this album leans more into the symphonic metal genre compared to the last one for example.

Above all we have developed our own style, I think. We tried out more modern keyboard sounds and have also pop rock influences on the new album. It shows the different faces of Lunatica. Writing the songs, we just let creativity flow. We didn’t give ourselves the restriction to stay in a certain musical genre. This makes it an album full of variety in my opinion.


Sometimes I think you have musical similarities with Nightwish which maybe isn’t so hard to guess but what do you think of being compared to them?

On one hand it is a big honor especially for me, I’m a big Nightwish fan. On the other hand I think all we have in common with them are the female vocals (which are completely different) and the keyboards. We thought with this album we would become free from the reproach to be a Nightwish copy. It sounds completely different. But Nightwish is the most successful and most famous band in this genre. You will always be compared with them as a relatively unknown band.

You have an amazing voice, are you classical trained or have you taken lessons?

I have always been singing since I was a child. I first sang only in school choirs and then I started my “career” as a lead singer in a gothic metal band named Mescarbonic in 1995. This band broke apart in when some members went away. In the meantime I took some vocal lessons from a scotch opera singer. This helped me a lot but you can’t really say that it is a full vocal education. I just sing the way I do, very naturally.


The cover art-work are made by Matthias Noren, does it have any special meaning and what do you think of it?

We wanted to work with Mattias already for the last album but at that time he had no time for us. We are very happy that he did the artwork for the new album, it’s amazing. We just let him work and he did perfectly transform our music into pictures. If you look at the cover artwork you can see the two rocks that build the mathematical sign for infinity. That’s just one brilliant detail. I don’t want to say too much. Everybody should interpret it in his own way. 


The album opens with an intro featuring Dieter Meier, what can you tell us about that and why did you want him to be on the album?

This time we wanted for the “Introduction” a speaker who should sound like these speakers in the Hollywood trailers. We knew that Dieter has a great voice for such projects. We contacted his management and they said that Dieter does nothing for money, he has to be convinced of something. We were very surprised when we got one day the phone call that he is now in Switzerland and has the time to do it, normally he lives in Argentina. We recorded his voice in a studio near Zurich. It was very nice to meet him personally and we are very happy that he did join Lunatica for this collaboration.


You have to very well-known guests participating on the album, John Payne from Asia in “Song For You” and Oliver Hartmann in “Emocean”, how did they end up on the album? Did you knew them from before?

We chose Oliver because we believe he’s one of the best metal singer that we know and he is a very nice person. We didn’t knew him personally before but he works often with Sascha Paeth. He decided spontaneously to record the song and he did also some choirs for the new album.
Since Alex and I are also big Asia fans and we love the voice of John Payne, we asked him by e-mail if he would like to do a song with us. Although he had a lot to do with the recordings for his new band GPS he agreed to do the duet with me after having heard the song. He liked it very much which was a big honor for us.


“Emocean” is featured twice, the version with Oliver Hartmann is added as a bonustrack but where is the bonustrack going to be released?

It is released everywhere and on each regular copy of the album. From the beginning when we wrote it, it was thought to be a duet with Oliver but it’s difficult to interpret the song live because you can’t always take a guest singer with you on tour and when I sing it all by myself something is missing. That’s why we recorded the song again with only my vocals and put it on the album as the “regular” version.


Do you have any favorite track on the album? If so which one?

I like “EmOcean” very much. It is very emotional to me with its different parts. It took Alex over a year to finish it. I think it has become a real masterpiece. I like also “Together”, it is heavy and has a lot of energy.


Do you have any dates on when the album is coming out in USA and Asia?

In Japan the album was released already July 25th. In the USA it should be available too but I’m not sure about the release date.

Which territory are Lunaticas main priority right now?

It is of course the countries in Europe because it’s much easier to get there and play live but it’s also amazing when people from oversea write to you and wish to see you live.


Are you big stars in Switzerland by now?

No! Perhaps we are more known now because we had features in various big Swiss newspapers and we had an album chart entry. But We have not really stars in Switzerland. Our stars are often more known outside our country. It has to be our mentality. Swiss people are very discrete and correct. Also when you are a known person you can go to the city and drink a coffee and no one troubles you.


I know you have made a few shows in Switzerland this year, did you do any new songs then?

We did a mixed up set. It depends always on the timetable. If we play more than an hour we can play songs also from our first album. We usually did play four songs from the new album. At our CD release party in September we will play all songs from the new album.

I read that you are going out on a European tour, are you going to take on all of Europe or just the countries you last played in on your tour? And are you going out as a headline or a support act?

There’s nothing concrete yet. We intend to do a tour as a support act again but we hope to visit more countries this time. It depends on the band that we are touring with. They normally do the tour plan. As soon as we know more you will find it on our homepage.


When can we expect to find the next album with Lunatica avaliable in the stores?

We will start to write new songs as soon as we have a little bit more free time. At the moment we have a lot to do with the promotion for the new album. We do a lot of things still by ourselves and as I said, everybody is still working in a full time job. This means that you put your whole free time into the band. I guess the next album will be finished in two years the latest.


What are the upcoming plans for Lunatica for the rest of 2006?

We want to play live a lot. That’s the most beautiful thing when you are a musician. We will play some shows in Switzerland and one in Austria. We will also be in some Swiss TV shows. Then the year is almost over. We try to calm down a little bit and see what the future brings.


Is there anything you’d like to say to the fans and readers?

Many greetings from Switzerland! I hope you enjoy our new album and I also hope to visit your country next year. Thanks for always supporting and believing in us.

Hugs – Andrea


Finally I’d like to thank you for taking the time to once again answered my questions Andrea.

Thank you too. It was a pleasure.

Take care,Andrea


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