D.A.D Summer Tour Amager Strandpark Copenhagen 2006

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Summer Tour
Amager Strandpark
19/8 – 2006

By: Anders Sandvall
Pictuers by: Anders Sandvall



This evening was all about the Danish icons D.A.D that played at Amager Strandpark in Copenhagen. The band still tours on their last studioalbum SCARE YOURSELF and the live dvd SCARE YOURSELF ALIVE.
Amager Strandpark was the last stop in Denmark and a few days later they were about to head out to Germany.

D.A.D entered the stage 15 minutes late, the intro started and the guys ran out on stage and kicked off the evening with “Evil Twin”. If the last show was much about promoting the new album this gig could be considered a greatest hits show.

The stage was really huge and wide and gave the guys the room they needed to run around and climb the amps. Amager Strandpark looked to be full and it’s not strange because D.A.D. are heroes in their country. Later on everyone sang along to the lyrics and Jesper Binzer didn’t needed to sing much as the crowd took over.

The show was much shorter now than it was when I saw them at KB-Hallen last year but now just as then Jacob Binzer did one longer guitar solo in exactly the same place in “Sleeping My Day Away” and in the old song “I Won’t Cut My Hair”. Laust Sonne did a great drumsolo. It’s fun to hear Jacob Binzer and Laust Sonne show off on guitar and drums, they are great on what they do but I can’t but wonder if they do so long solos because they don’t have to play more songs?.


A few of the old and glorious classics they had dusted off were “I Won’t Cut My Hair”, “Reconstrucdead” and “Girl Nation”. They did the wonderful version of “Hate To Say I Told You So” with Laust Sonne on piano and back up vocals togehter with only Jesper.This is the version that the band simply have to release on a CD. The only songs from the new album were “Scare Yourself”, “Lawrence Of Suburbia” and “Camping In Scandinavia”.



Jesper Binzer – lead vocals, guitar
Jacob Binzer – lead guitar, b-vox
Stig Pedersen – bass, b-vox
Laust Sonne – drums, b-vox

D.A.D delivered a magnificent show with lots of fireworks and pyro throughout the whole show. At the end of the show bassplayer Stig Pedersen put on his old helmet that shoots flames and sparks and everything was just like it should be. Jesper Binzer said the usual in between the songs, mostly  Thank you’s and then introducing the next song. And just as always he invited the crowd to sing along in “Sleeping My Day Away”, “Everything Glows”, “Makin Fun Of Money”, “I Won’t Cut My Hair”, “Bad Craziness”.

Something that always surprises me is how much harder and mean they sound live compared to on album. The sound this evening was great just as was the lighting. Playing time was about one hour and ended with “Camping In Scandinavia”.


Encores were “I Won’t Cut My Hair”, “Bad Craziness” and  the entire show closed with the excellent and necessary “It’s After Dark”. When the show ended at ten the band had delivered another show of the highest quality just like they always do. When I walked to the train station I sure was one of many happy campers that night.


Evil Twin
Girl Nation
Scare Yourself
Soft Dogs
Makin Fun Of Money
Hate To Say I Told You So
Lawrence Of Suburbia
Everything Glows
Sleeping My Day Away
Camping In Scandinavia


I Won’t Cut My Hair
Bad Craziness
It’s After Dark

Thanks to Tina Rosa Sondergaard at ICO & ET Concerts Promotion for press/photo-pass to the show.

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