Life On Planet Rock by Lonn Friend (Book)

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Life On Planet Rock
Lonn Friend

2006, Morgan Road Books

Back in the day Lonn Friend (or Lonn M. Friend) was the editor of the best Rock magazine on the planet. It is just now that he finally reflects on those glory days at the height of Metal and shares with us readers some of his experiences.

The book is an easy read and one that you cannot put down once you pick it up. The stories contained within show a first hand look on how Lonn was a friend to the rock elite and some of the biggest musicians of the time. Many tales are told of times with Guns n’ roses, Metallica, Skid Row, Anthrax….the list just goes on and on. A well written dose of rock n roll from a guy who loves, lives and breathes it. The book documents a time when real rock ruled the airwave be it radio or TV it was everywhere as was Lonn. He writes from the heart about a subject that he dearly loves. Friend was on our side.

A definite read of those that were there and want to remember as well as for those that wish they were.