Fatal Smile live at The Rock Copenhagen Denmark

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 Fatal Smile
Neo Natural Freaks Tour
The Rock, Copenhagen
Denmark, 22/6 – 2006

Review & pictures by Anders Sandvall 

Even though the World Cup of Soccer seemed to hold Scandinavia in a steady grip it was time for me to take the train over to Copenhagen to witness one of the new up and coming bands from Sweden.This Swedish act plays heavy 80’s hard rock mixed with dirty glam/sleaze party rock’n’roll and is called Fatal Smile. I’d really looked forward to seeing the guys live because their latest album NEO NATURAL FREAKS literally blew my head off.  

As usual I was there a few hours early in order to meet the guys and have a chat. Everyone in the band was really nice and before they all went to the hotel I got a long chat with the guitarplayer Y.

A local Danish act called Furious Flames was the supporting act and when I eneterd the venue it was only about 30-40 people there. 30 minutes late the support act went on the stage and believe me that I was surprised when I realized that the band was only doing covers. After 50 minutes (?!) they went off stage and the enormous crowd that now had become 50 or 60 (in a venue that takes about 800-1000) started to wait for the headline act.

About 40 minutes past midnight entered Fatal Smile:

H.B Andersson – lead vocals
Y – guitar, b-vox
Thomas Lindgren – drums
Markus Johansson –bass, b-vox

The band took the stage and kicked off the night with the titletrack of their new album ”Neo Natural Freaks”. It was an excellent way of starting off the show, the song is intense, explosive, hard and sweaty and the right way of kicking off a show. The guys was incredibly tight and Mr. Andersson is a hard working singer and frontman together with bassplayer Markus Johansson that runs around all over stage.

Mr. Andersson didn’t do so much talking between the songs, but just before they kicked off another one of my favorite songs “Learn, Love, Hate” he introduced me as the hard working photgraph from metal-rules.com to all the people in the back, I was the only one in front of the stage looking at the band this night.

I can’t understand why even bother going out and listen to a band if you’re only going to sit and drink beer and chewing peanuts through the gig and that was what the small crowd did throughout most of the show.

Before leaving the stage Fatal Smile did 8 songs, every song except one was taken from the new album, and one encore and by then they had played for about 1 hour. Despite the small crowd this was an exercise in how excellent hardrock should be played. The guys was incredible on stage and I can’t wait to see the guys live in action again. The only minor thing was the lighting. The Rock is a nice place but they have to bring in proper light. To be honest, if you’re a headliner I think you should play at least 90 minutes and 60 like Fatal Smile, but that maybe was because of the small crowd.

I talked to Mr. Andersson and Y after the show and they said that they are going out on the road together with House of Lords and later on this winter also with Vixen and Winger so don’t dare miss them if they’re coming your way.


Big thanks to Y and the rest of Fatal Smile for being so kind and letting me photograph the entire show.

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