The Matadors – Horrorbilly 9000

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The Matadors
Horrorbilly 9000
2006, Stereo Dynamite
Rating: 4.5/5

Rising out of the southern Ontario “Z” club circuit, The Matadors are primed to spread the ‘Infernal Word’ to the masses. From their rockabilly beginnings back in 1995 to now, the presence of Hooch and Creepin’ Jeff remain the constant. Hooch’s intense vocals along with the equally intense upright bass playing of Jeff bring Rockabilly into the new millennium.

13 songs of pure aggressive rockabilly mixed with some early punk create a unique sound for a time where there is little originality left. With lyrics dripping of  blood, ghouls, liquor and zombie sluts how can you go wrong? This may not be for everyone but for those that do get it will really dig it. Songs like “Rock n’ Roll Freakshow”, “Bad Mojo” and  “9 Shots of Bourbon” are what its all about; pure rockabilly drenched with attitude, aggression and passion.