Saturnus – Veronika Decides To Die

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Reviewed: August 2006
Released: 2006, Firebox Records
Rating: 1.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Before this album, this Danish band released two albums and one MCD. Apparently the guys have worked on this album for 6 years and with that amount of time you thought that the album would be absolutely outstanding, but no.

The music on the album with the long name is slow grinding doom metal, sometimes the guys come up in mid-tempo, but nothing more exciting happens besides that. The entire album is really dark and depressive and again really slooow. The album is over one hour long, and they have only run through 8 songs by then. The title of the album is inspired by a novel by Paulo Coelho. VERONIKA DECIDES TO DIE does nothing for me; instead of wanting to hear more when the album is over I struggled to keep myself awake. This album is only good for sleeping and I can’t imagine even the most dedicated doom fan liking this.

The producer is the well-known Fleming Rasmussen and he’s created a perfect depressive, dark and black sound-picture. The album is well produced but it surely leaves more to wish for. I have really nothing against doom metal but this album only makes me want to take my own life.


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Track Listing:
I Long
Rain Wash Me
All Alone
Embraced By Darkness
To The Dreams
Murky Waters

Thomas A.G – lead vocals
Anders – keyboards
Peter – guitar
Tais – guitar
Lennart – bass
Nikolaj – drums