Liv Kristine – Enter My Religion

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Reviewed: August 2006
Released: 2006, Roadrunner Records/Bonnier Amigo
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Liv Kristine (ex- Theatre of Tragedy) is back with her second solo album since the departure from TOT in 1998. One can wonder if she really fits into the frames of, but the position of former lead singer in one of the world’s most famous goth metal acts gives her that right.

The music on ENTER MY RELIGION is quite different from what she normally has done. This new effort is all about atmospehric dark rock with a hint of light goth. The tempo is slow and everything evolves around Liv Kristine’s magical voice. It’s the music that is the main problem. It sounds like everything is programmed because the entire album suffers from a real static sound, and that drags down the rating a lot. Why bother to do an album if you haven’t got real musicians? Even if Liv Kristine has a great voice, she can’t manage to take away the static sound and make the music more alive.

The album includes one cover of Bruce Springsteens mega hit “Streets of Philadelphia”, which is a good initiative for a cover, but one that she can’t really handle. The total amout of playing time is about 45 minutes, but the album feels almost the double, maybe that’s because it feels like the songs melt into each other and to be frank are quite pale sometimes.

Of the 12 songs there are 7 ballads – that’s way too many. She could have narrowed down the ballads in favour of some more uptempo songs. But a few of my favorite songs are “Over the Moon”, “My Revelation” “Trapped In Your Labyrinth”, “You Are The Night”, and “You Take Me Higher”. All of those tracks are of the dark atmospheric sound she should have done more of on this album.
The static sound depends also a lot on the production made by Liv Kristine’s husband Alexander Krull. It surprised me that he had made such a crappy production after all he’s quite skilled and used to producing, but I guess something went wrong this time.

ENTER MY RELIGION has its moments, but mainly when it comes to the faster songs. Otherwise, this album loses credibility on the programmed instruments and the static producion, which is too bad for a vocalist as talented as her. If you’re interested in hearing real goth metal check out Theatre of Tragedy or her new act Leaves’ Eyes that she has together with her husband.


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Track Listing:
Over The Moon
Fake A Smile
All The Time In The World
My Revelation
Coming Home
Trapped In Your Labyrinth
Blue Emptiness
You Are The Night
Enter my Religion
Streets Of Philadelphia (cover)
You Take Me Higher
For A Moment

Liv Kristine – lead vocals
Alexander Krull – programming, samples