Last Autumn\’s Dream – Winter In Paradise

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Reviewed: August 2006
Released: 2006, Escape Music/Zink Music
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

This is the third album by this Swedish/German project. If you\’re interested in reading about their previous albums then go to the database for further info on the main page.

Nothing new has happend with Last Autumn\’s Dream beside the label switch; they have the same members and they still play the same melodic hardrock. The only difference music-wise is that guitarist Andy Malecek shows a more edgy side of his guitar playing than before. He\’s now allowed to play a rougher style on a few of the songs, which only improve the band in my opinion. But still, both keyboards and piano are used which adds a more melodic touch to the music.

The main theme of the 11 songs is – as always – love, which is pretty bland in my taste. The band has added far too many ballads on the album; five of the eleven songs are ballads or up-tempo ballads, which is way too many. And even if the guys have put in hard work on the material, what is that worth if the album sounds just the same as the previous ones? I really doubt that this will be Last Autumn\’s Dream’s big breakthrough for the masses becuase this album is too dull to get any reaction from anyone.

WINTER IN PARADISE is 45 minutes short but it feels a whole lot longer because of the boring material. The most positive things about this album are Mikael Erlandsson’s strong lead vocals and Andy\’s great guitar playing. Otherwise, the album doesn\’t leave any mark in my musical mind.

The only ones that get happy about this album are perhaps the already-hooked fans or the old Talisman fans that collect everything Marcel Jacob and Jamie Borger features on. My killer tracks have to be the more harder ones and those are \”Love To Go\”, \”My Heart Keeps Stalling\”, \”All I Want Is Rock\’n\’roll\”, and \”Love Is The Answer\”.


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Track Listing:
Love to go
Don\’t let our love go down
The way you smile
When she\’s go
My heart keeps stalling
Echoes from the past
Winter in paradise
I don\’t want to hurt you
All i want is rock\’n\’roll
If you\’re the one
Love is the answer

Mikael Erlandsson – lead vocals
Andy Malecek – guitar
Jamie Borger – drums
Marcel Jacob – bass