Fuelhead – S/T

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Reviewed: August 2006
Released: 2006, Plugged Records/Plug Or Die
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Fuelhead is a debuting Swedish act. The first sneak preview from this album was the CDS LITTLE ONES that came at the end of last year. The best way to describe the trio’s music is riff-based hard-rock that borders on mallcore. The singer, Andreas Henemyr, contributes a lot to making the music mallcore sounding when he mostly talks instead of sings the songs.

All of the material is written by guitarist Palle Hammarlund except for the tracks “Brand New Day” and “Little Ones” that he co-wrote with the other members. He’s done a decent job with all ten tracks, and the album clocks in at 40 minutes which is a suitable length for an album. The producer Joakim Borgman has done an OK job, and it sounds as expected with the main focus on lead vocals and heavy guitar playing. And Palle – who is the only guitarplayer in the band – does a great job on lead and rhythm guitar.

It is the mallcore influences and parts that destroy the whole Fuelhead experience. The album is best when Henemyr talk/sings together with the lead-heavy guitar parts. Otherwise this album falls flat on the ground in its attempt to catch my attention beyond those parts.

The tracks that made it for me are “Brand New Day”, “I See Right Through You”, “I Wanna Be Like You”, “If I Die”, “Your God Ain’t Mine”, and “Uncle Evil”. Two songs that they could have excluded are the softer “Little Ones” and “You Don’t Know”. Fuelhead may have a future within the hard rock scene but in order to make it they have to lay off the mallcore mumbo jumbo.

Labels: www.plugordie.com AND www.pluggedrecords.com


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Track Listing:
Brand New Day
I See Right Through You
I Wanna Be Like You
Little Ones
If I Die
Your God Ain’t Mine
Riding In The Sun
Uncle Evil
You Don’t Know

Andreas Henemyr – lead vocals, bass
Palle Hammarlund – guitar, b-vox
Jimmie Svensson – drums