Fair Warning – S/T (2006 Remaster)

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Reviewed: August 2006
Released: 2006, Frontiers Music/Zink Music
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Frontiers Records is now re-releasing Fair Warning’s first and second albums this summer. First out is their self-titled debut album that was first released 1991.

It wasn’t easy playing in a melodic metal/hardrock act in the late 80’s and at the beginning of the 90’s when it was hip to play glam/sleaze and grunge later on. However, Fair Warning stuck to playing their kind of music and got a big breakthrough in Japan when this album first came out. The band toured with Giant in Germany and on their own in various festivals throughout Europe. With their next album, RAINMAKER, the band got their first hit single with “Burning Heart”. RAINMAKER sold 140,000 copies in Japan alone, and it’s from a gig in 1993 at Club Citta in Kawazaki, Japan that the forthcoming DVD is taken – a gig never shown in Europe before. The band split up two albums later in 2000 and singer Tommy Heart moved on and formed the band Soul Doctor, and Helge Engelke/C.C Behrens formed Dreamtide.

Musically, Fair Warning can be compared to the Swedish act Europe. In other words, it’s heavy keyboards paired up with sharp guitars and lead vocals at the top of the mix. Unlike many other German singers, Tommy Heart sings in perfect English and you can’t tell he’s not a native English-speaker. The lyrics leave more to the imagination and the ballads are way too many. You can hear that this is a young band that needs to work on their material, but otherwise this feels OK.

This album stands tall today and the music sounds really great. It’s a mandatory purchase for every fan of 80’s melodic metal/hardrock.

Killer tracks “Longing For Love”, “When Love Fails”, “Crazy”, “Hang On”, “Out On The Run”, and “The Eyes Of Rock”.

Labels: www.frontiers.it AND www.zinkmusic.com


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Track Listing:
Longing For Love
When Love Fails
The Call Of The Heart
One Step Closer
Hang On
Out On The Run
Long Gone
The Eyes Of The Rock
Take A Look At The Future
The Heart Of Emotion
Take Me Up

Ule W. Ritgen – bass
Tommy Heart – lead vocals
Helge Engelke – guitar
Andy Malecek – guitar
C.C Behrens – drums