Dirty Rig – Rock Did It

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Reviewed: August 2006
Released: 2006, Escapi Music
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Dirty Rig is a fairly new band that started out in 2003 and came out with their debut album BLOOD SWEAT AND BEER MAKES AMERICA STRONG the following year. During a rehearsal in 2005, the singer Ed didn’t show up and the band was out of vocalist. Luckily, Kory Clark was in between projects and bands, and he took on the task as the new singer in Dirty Rig.

ROCK DID IT is full of dirty bikermetal and both the music and Clark’s singing remind me of the good old days when he sang in Warrior Soul. One of the 11 tracks is a bonus track called “Hitch Hiker”. The lyrics are just as dirty as the music – about drugs, sex, and booze. “Hitch Hiker” is a pretty crappily-recorded live song and Mr. Clark’s voice isn’t in best shape even though it fits this music perfect.

This is a great album and if you’re into dirty southern biker rock it will fit you like a glove. It still runs in my record player and that’s a good sign.

Killer tracks are “Suck It”, “Drunk Again”, “Just A Star”, “Dogs”, “Rock Did It”, “Hot Porno Star”, “Throw Down”, and “If You See The Kay”.


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Track Listing:
Suck It
Drunk Again
Just A Star
Rock Did It
Hot Porno Star
Throw Down
If You See Kay
Hitch Hiker (Bonus Track)

Chris Banellis – guitar
Kory Clark – lead vocals
Dave Ardolina – drums
Buckshot – bass