Deacon Street – II

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Deacon Street – II
Released: 2006, MTM Music/Zink Music | Rating: 3/5 | Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Deacon Street is Tommy Denander’s second project recently reviewed here. II is the band’s second album, and Denander brought in many familiar names to help him out on the album, just like he did in Radioactive. This time he chose to use different singers on almost every track except for a few where Thomas Wikström and Andreas Novak sing.

Denander’s musical cornerstone is once again melodic hardrock in the same veins as Journey, Giant, or Toto. If Radioactive was a disappointment, Deacon Street is the opposite. II feels a lot more put-together and harmonic compared to Mr. Denander’s last effort. It feels like he’s put down a lot more work and thought into Deacon Street and luckily it sounds like he’s left a little of the constant love theme behind, and that alone is a huge improvment.

Amongst the 14 tracks there is a cover of Sweet’s “Action” and two strictly instrumental songs. In one of those, “Them Changes”, Tommy Denander shows his skills on guitar – and he sure is a wizard on his instrument. Other songs that stand out are “Beautiful Chardaine”, “When Love Is on the Line”, “Misery”, and “Easy As It Seems”.

II has its moments and in my opinion it’s much better than the last Radioactive album even though they have big similarities with each other.


Tommy Denander – lead vocals, guitar
Stan Bush – lead vocals
Peter Sundell – lead vocals
Thomas Vikström – lead vocals
John Fahlberg – lead vocals
Chris Antblad – lead vocals
Geir Rönning – lead vocals
Andreas Novak – lead vocals
Reb Beach – guitar
Steve Morse – guitar
Marty Friedman – guitar
Tony Franklin – bass
Al V. Dahn – bass
Daniel Flores – drums
Pat Thern – drums

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Beautiful Chardaine
When Love Is On The Line
Save Me
I Give This Promise
Now We Cry For You
Second Comings
(Kill Us) On Another Day
The Promise Of Forever
Easy As It Seems
Them Changes


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