Chrome Division – Doomsday Rock`n`Roll

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Reviewed: August 2006
Released: 2006, Nuclear Blast/Sound Pollution
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Whilst the Norweigan symphonic black metal act Dimmu Borgir have time off, the band’s singer, Shagrath, takes the opportunity to launch a new act with him on guitar. It was during the summer of 2004 he gathered his friends Lex Icon (The Kovenant, ex- Dimmu Borgir) and Luna (Ashes To Ashes) to start to rehearse. Shortly thereafter Eddie Guz (The Carburetors) and Ricky Black joined the band, and Chrome Division was born. Lex Icon didn’t stay true to the new band and left in 2005, and in came instead Tony White (Minas Tirith) to replace him. The recordings of this album began in December 2005, and now their debut album has landed. Chrome Division delivers diesel smelling, sweaty, garage/punk rock’n’roll played in really high speed. The band sounds a little bit like Motörhead but the main difference is that the legends have more metal in their music than Chrome Division, and if you think that this band has any similarities with Dimmu Borgir you are totally wrong.

This album is stunning almost all the way through. If you’re a fan of the music I mentioned earlier, your mind is going to be blown by this excellent debut album. The production sounds great and the producer Björn Bergersen has done an amazing job – credits to him. Chrome Division’s next goal will be to tear European stages apart with their intense and sweaty live shows.

The most outstanding songs amongst the 12 are “Serial Killer”, “Hate”, “Trouble With The Law”, “Chrome Division”, and “Breath Easy”. Almost all of the songs are adrenaline-pumped dirty rock’n’roll with Shagrath/Ricky Black in main focus.

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Track Listing:
Doomsday Overture (intro)
Serial Killer
Trouble With The Law
Chrome Division
Here Comes Another One
1st Regiment
Breath Easy
The Angel Falls
Till The Break Of Dawn
We Want More
When The Shit Hits The Fan

Shagrath – guitar
Luna – bass
Eddie Guz – lead vocals
Ricky black – guitar
Tony White – drums