Cavalar – As a Metal of Fact

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Reviewed: August 2006
Released: 2006, Independent
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Hard to imagine given the ridiculously high quality of this debut, but London’s Cavalar are a mere two years old, forming in 2004. Lead by vocalist Twitch and drummer Arn Rogano, the group finalized their lineup with additions of bassist Dave Rimmer and guitarist Tadeu Dias. The band is obviously fast moving since AS A METAL OF FACT has been out for a while now, recorded back in April – June 2005, even though they were (still are???) unsigned.
As I said, this album is the band’s debut, but you would never know it to listen to it. Reaching deep back into ‘70s rock and metal for inspiration, the band is a testament/homage to all that was great about those seemingly long-lost times. However, instead of a lo-fi, dirty style, the band has built a sleek metal machine atop the strong Sabbath base, all covered with a vibrant, powerful production job. It’s enough to make me shake my head at the thought that this independent band’s production sounds better than 75% of today’s “big” bands.
Luckily, the excellent sound is not wasted, Cavalar having the ability to write a full album of fantastic music. As I said, the music is heavily influenced by all things ‘70s, especially Black Sabbath – witness the cover of “Hole in the Sky”. Furthermore, vocalist Twitch is, at times, a dead ringer for PARANOID-era Ozzy. As you might expect, there is a heavy stoner rock vibe running through things, but with a lot more forward mass than your average pothead shoe-gazer.
I could go on and on, but the bottom line is thus: this fucking album is a goddamned BLAST to listen to. Seriously, these are some of the catchiest riffs I’ve heard all year. I won’t even name favorites, ‘cause I could randomly pick any track on here and love it as much as the next one.
You could technically take off some points due to the lack of originality and overt aping of Sabbath, but if you did, I (and the band I’m sure) would just tell you to fuck off. I shake my head that this band is unsigned. Labels – wake the fuck up! This fucking awesome!


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Track Listing:
1) Rush
2) Deadman
3) God Damned Rebel
4) Us
5) Going For It!
6) New Empire
7) V-Red
8) Blind Eye
9) Devil’s County
10) Born Like Fire
11) Watch Me From the Sky
12) Can the World Be Wrong?
13) Hole in the Sky

Twitch: Vocals
Tadeu Dias: Guitars
Marcus Ardanuy: Bass
Arnaldo Rogano: Drums