Andersen Laine Readman – Three

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Reviewed: August 2006
Released: 2006, Frontiers Records/Zink Music
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Andre Andersen is the mastermind and keyboard maestro in the Danish act Royal Hunt. He’s also the force behind this project and has written all the material on the album. It all began when he was going to work with Paul Laine and was in search of a lead singer. The call went to Pink Cream 69 singer David Readman, who accepted the offer when he heard the material Andre Andersen sent him.

The THREE album is all about traditional heavy metal, and even if Mr. Andersen had tried to write more uncomplicated music, a few progressive elements can be found here and there. Mr. Andersen has written solid material throughout the album and all of the 10 songs are of a high standard. Both Paul Laine and David Readman really take the album to a higher level with their amazing efforts, and a lot of the album lies on their shoulders as well as on Mr. Andersens keyboard play.

He has also produced the album, and the production is just as brilliant as the album as a whole. It’s airy with enough space for everyone to shine and show their skills. This is truly how a heavy metal album should sound production-wise.

This is a brilliant album straight through and it leaves you longing for more. I really recommend it to all fans of traditional hardrock/heavy metal. It also speaks to everyone who likes Royal Hunt, Pink Cream 69 or Danger Danger. I’m not a big fan of ballads but the ones on this album are absolutley listenable. Killer tracks are “Rise”, “The Way It Goes”, “Straight To The Heart”, “Tell Me Your Lies”, “Don’t Need A Thing”, “Scared To Live”, “Bullet Proof”, “Learning To Fly”.

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Track Listing:
Dust To Dust
The Way It Goes
Straight To The Heart
Tell Me Your Lies
Don’t Need A Thing
End Of My Rope
Scared To Live
Learning To Fly

Andre Andersen – keyboards, guitar, bass
Bjarke Hopen – solo guitar
Kaj Laege – drums
Kenny Lubcke – b-vox
Paul Laine – lead vocals
David Readman – lead vocals