Sauna Open Air Metal Festival 2006

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Saturday 10th of June 2006

Radio City / Inferno Stage

(at 3:30 PM)

Luxi: I´ve seen Ensiferum playing live a couple of times before when the band still had Jari Mäenpää (now in Wintersun) in the line-up. So this was actually the very 1st time for me to see how they would be doing in a live situation without him. For my own curiosity´s sake, I followed the entire set from the band and thought the band is doing just fine without Jari even if I couldn´t help comparing them to Jari´s Wintersun which of course is a whole different band there. But anyway, Ensiferum´s folk´ish battle hymns had a lot of their own sweet and catchy charisma that intrudes through your spine all the way into the brain, and makes you humming their songs without you even noticing it. The whole band both sounded good and looked alright onstage, offering a familiar set of some of the classic Ensiferum songs to their fans, so I bet everyone who found the time to come see them, left the area somewhat satisfied after the band´s well-thrown show. I surely know I did. It was good to notice they were received so well by the fans at the S.O.A.M. –festival, too.



Kalevala Melody
White Storm
Guardians of Fate
Tale of Revenge
Little Dreamer
Hero in a Dream
Lai Lai Hei
Token of Time



(at 4:15 PM)

Luxi: “And 12 points go to… Finland!”. Yes, the recent winners of Eurovision Song Contest 2006 Lordi was booked to the festival obviously to make sure that at least one of the three days could have been sold-out, and that Saturday was definitely sold-out by the last ticket – bringing in even a massive army of regular looking families that you should only see at places like Disneyland or some water park, but certainly NOT at a metal festival. But since Lordi looks like a creepy and fascinating cartoon for kids, of course all these kids who saw Lordi performing at the Eurovision Song Contest this year, wanted their parents to bring them in because of these so marvelous – and scary-looking monsters. So like good parents, they kindly answered to their kids´ determined requests (read = feat. 3 hours of non-stop nerve-wrecking whining, nearly heart-breaking screaming, playing dead, etc. from their kids´ side) and in the end of the day the crowd consisted of probably hundreds of curious families, and hundreds of highly excited kids who finally got a chance to see their favorite monsters onstage in a real action; with a huge arsenal of pyro-technique, bombs and other eye-catching effects that made a Lordi show to look like a Kiss show in the ´70s. Lordi´s whole staging looked big, so it was assured Lordi´s show would be remembered amongst these kids for many years to come, and they would be in a wild subject rotation from kids to adults for the next coming weeks for sure. 


The band´s show, which was like a massive circus with all those monster costumes, huge and eye-nailing pyro-effects, bombs and other stuff, was based on pretty safe song choices after all. All the so-called ´hit tracks´ from these Finnish monsters were heard – including “Would You Love a Monsterman?”, “Bringing Back the Balls to Rock”, “Devil Is a Loser”, “My Heaven Is Your Hell”, “Blood Red Sandman” and naturally the winning song “Hard Rock Hallelujah” was included to their set as well as a mandatory number that made everyone in the audience to join singing the memorable chorus part together the good´n´ ol´ karaoke way, from 3-year-old kids to their parents at their thirties, fourties, fifties – and so on. I don´t know, but somehow I got the impression Lordi´s whole performance looked a bit tired and the guys were suffering from some sort of lack of motivation to pull their show through 100% properly. This was probably caused by the fact teach one of them indeed were very tired due to a massive media circus that they have been going through since they won the Eurovision Song Contest this year, by doing hundreds of interviews, an endless stream of gigs across the Europe – and even trying to put each of their souls into this tough game 110%. They, however, did a routine show which most of the audience obviously enjoyed (at least some of the very young kids went absolutely crazy, heh!), and that´s the way it should be. These 4 monstermen + 1 monsterwoman are truly loved by hundreds of thousands people these days, there´s no single doubt of it.


Niko: The mighty Finnish monster puppies Lordi; the winners of the European Song Contest in 2006… Did you know by the way, that Finland has never ever before Lordi, won that particular contest in question? So we were in the front of kind of a pretty historical band, I guess. What was offered us by Lordi then? An entertaining show with lots of eye-licking pyrotechnics, ear-terrorizing bombs and 5 monsters that actually looked nicer and friendlier than a handful of teachers when I was a kid and going to school… At some point Lordi’s sound reminded me a little of the classic Kiss and that’s never a bad thing. There was also an old Alice Cooper -style acting on stage including a scary chainsaw act from Mr. Lordi himself and one real big flamethrower that looked a pretty scare thing on the stage, too. I was somewhat amazed by that fact how Lordi’s show turned out to be a real family happening as there were these little kids everywhere in the crowd carrying all kinds of Lordi merchandise – fathers and mothers with their children, all of them gathered together here to see the Lordi.


I knew in advance that Lordi’s been doing a plenty of gigs this summer, and with a real tight schedule. In the middle of the set Mr. Lordi’s voice got broken, not badly but you could sense how tired he was. I need to say they did not let that slow them down. The whole band pulled the set through with a professional and honored attitude. I think it could have been even better if they had had a couple of extra day-offs when touring. However, the fact is Lordi has been doing way too many gigs in a row within a short period. Keep in mind that’s just my opinion. In spite of all the things said earlier, Lordi’s show was the most visual and the most eye-capturing in whole festival, there´s just not a slightest doubt about it.



Bringing Back the Balls to Rock (pyro)
Get Heavy (pyro)
The Kids Who Wanna Play with the Dead
Pet the Destroyer
My Heaven Is Your Hell (pyro)
It Snows in Hell
Blood Red Sandman
Who’s Your Daddy?
Devil Is a Loser (pyro)


Good to Be Bad
Would You Love a Monsterman? (pyro)
Hard Rock Hallelujah (pyro)



Radio City / Inferno Stage

(at 5:30 PM)

Luxi: One of the newest Finnish metal bands that have been bathing and enjoying in the heat of extremely favorable limelights in Finland for the last couple of years, is undoubtedly Stam1na whose Finnish-sung Speed/Thrash Metal, added with an occasional System of a Down –vibe, many Finns have found very appealing for their tastes. The band has only recorded 2 albums on their career (S/T in 2005 and UUDET KYMMENEN KÄSKYÄ in 2006, for a small Finnish label called Sakara Records which is owned by the Finnish thrashers Mokoma), and still they have already gained more by those two particular releases than many other Finnish bands at that point of their whole career.

How were they live then, may one curiously ask? Well, can you think of 4 guys onstage who are able to headbang and go wild somewhat furiously non-stop from the first chords ´til the very last seconds when they are forced to make room for next band onstage after them? That´s what they do onstage anyway – honestly! The whole stage becomessort of a warzone right after these long-haired and bearded fellows have entered onstage and started terrorizing their audience by their very high-octane, thrashy 2-4 minutes outbursts while at the same time, keeping their heads constantly in an aggressive headbanging movement. A good mixture of songs off from Stam1na´s both albums were heard; “Paha Arkkitehti”, “Viisi Laukausta Päähän (which featured Rainer Nygård from Diablo, by the way), “Likainen Parketti”, “Vapaa Maa”, “Uudet Kymmenen Käskyä” – just to name a few (sorry for not having the song titles translated from Finnish to English for all of you this time; I´m a lazy fucker, so try to live with that fact, ok?). There´s no so-called ´dead spot´ in Stam1na´s live show which would put someone in the crowd to sleep simply because nothing would happen there onstage when Stam1na is there to punish everyone by their neck-breaking, unique metal which is both very funny watch yet entertaining to listen to. All in all, a very good show from the Stam1na –bunch, and yes sirs, they seemed to be worth of all hype after all.




(at 6:15 PM)

Niko: I had no expectations towards W.A.S.P. beforehand, so therefore I was pretty surprised withtheir performance at S.O.A. Ladies and gentlemen; it should not come any surprise to announce how good it was all in all. One reason for it might be that we got to hear old classics like “On Your Knees”, “L.O.V.E. Machine”, “Wild Child”, “I Wanna Be Somebody”, and so on. The band seemed to be in  good form, especially Blackie Lawless´ voice was in a fine shape and he proved clearly that W.A.S.P.’s not dead & buried yet – actually far away from being abandoned and completely forgotten! There were a lot of so-called ´old farts´ amongst the crowd like me and Luxi, and I take my wild, but rational guess to think it might have been one of those REAL reasons why all of us so-called ´old farts´ were blessed by some of those old classic W.A.S.P. –songs: Blackie´s thought of this must surely have been: “If you want the best – you have got the best…”, and that´s their first two albums in my honest opinion. Definite highlights of the set were such W.A.S.P. tunes as “I Wanna Be Somebody” and “Blind in Texas”, and these two songs were actually received most enthusiastic way by the loud crowd.

As some sort of side note, there was a pretty lady next to me who was dancing intensely while listening to the “Wild Child”. I tried to talk to her, but only response I received back from her, was: “Sshhh… shut up! I don’t want to spoil this moment… I’m a wild child (singing), come and love me, I want yooouu..”. I tried to explain her gently that I was the right man for the job, but somehow I kind of didn’t raise a spark of interest in her. And I´m still wondering even right at the very moment why, because I happen to know I look sort of better and more attractive-looking than Andy McCoy being absolutely in a wasted condition, after hanging around and having fun with the guys of Mötley Crue in some strip bars in Los Angeles back in the day.


Luxi: Well, Niko… I know that this may be kinda hard for you to swallow, but do you seriously think Andy McCoy is an attractive-looking guy under ANY kind of circumstances? If so, think again, my friend… Besides that, probably – just probably, that pretty lady in the very question had already spotted some ´a bit´ more gorgeous and masculine-looking guy than you, near by her? At least I gotta assume it wasn´t you who grabbed my butt a couple of times during the W.A.S.P.´s performance? Please tell me it wasn´t you, for Christ-sake!!
W.A.S.P., being undoubtedly one of my all-time favorite Heavy Metal bands, was managed to get booked for the Sauna –festival this year – and they were actually one of those ´must-see´ bands that made me to travel to Tampere, and overall to enjoy the metallically vintage and warm atmosphere of this particular festival – Twisted Sister naturally being the other one, and the most important priority for me as I had never seen them playing live before even if I have got my chances for that over the years.


As for W.A.S.P.´s gig, there´s actually not much that I could say about them expect these guys cannot disappoint when performing songs live for their fans. Just like this time, they made no exception. Blackie truly was in his own fine element onstage with his fellow band mates and they did exactly what they can do best onstage – and that is to entertain their fans the best way they can, and that´s enough really, I think. At least according to the reactions of all those people that had gathered to see W.A.S.P. on the main stage, seemed to enjoy them the way only a fan can enjoy from his/her favorite band, showing openly her/his undivided gratitude and support toward their heroes spontaneously, without hiding their excitement a bit. But why go hiding anything because in a good Heavy Metal show, it´s completely unnecessary and does neither serve anyone´s purposes nor interests. The notorious W.A.S.P. (as you know it stands for We Are Satan´s People, or White Anglo-Saxons Protestants. Nope, it does not – gotcha, HAH!) did a great set of songs, playing all the so-called ´necessary evils´ what they could possibly do within a certain time limit that was given to them. “L.O.V.E. Machine”, “Wild Child”, “I Wanna Be Somebody”, “Blind in Texas”, and so on – what more you can possibly expect from a classic W.A.S.P. show?! Well, of course “Animal (Fuck Like a Beast)”, “Hellion” and “Tormentor” could have been in their set, too, but since they were not the main headlining act of the day (Twisted Sister were), I guess we already got more than what we actually deserved. I don´t hesitate to say either W.A.S.P. still don´t know how to let their fans down when playing live which they surely get lots of credit from their loyal fans. So, get down on your knees in front of W.A.S.P., and show your appreciation toward them, you stupeheads!

Intro: The End
Medley 1) On Your Knees 2) Chainsaw Charlie
Hate to Love Me
L.O.V.E. Machine
Wild Child
Medley 1) Widowmaker 2) Sleeping in the Fire
Real Me
The Idol
I Wanna Be Somebody


Blind in Texas




(at 8.30 PM)

Luxi: “The uncrowned heroes of the Sauna Open Air Metal Festival in 2006”. That should sum it up for Twisted-fuckin´-Sister if there´s held an award like “The Best Performer Of The Festival In 2006”. Twisted Sister was that BIG reason for me what made me eventually to drag my heavy ass to Tampere (a city located circa 170 kilometres far from Helsinki, and being the third largest city in Finland with its almost 300,000 inhabitants). Unlike Lordi that had a really eye-catching and massive stage show, Twisted Sister´s live performance was simply based on the power of their evergreen, classic material (their setlist was absolutely amazing – just scroll down to look at it!) – and that´s all – to say honestly, they needed to ´blow the bank´ to the sky-high, and to make everyone convinced the festival ticket to see the band, was worth buying for. Twisted Sister alone, was worth 72 euros which was a 3-day ticket for the festival. Obviously Twisted Sister was the main priority for many of the attendees of this festival according to a sea of Twisted Sister shirts on people that I managed to spot from the whole festival area during these three days, blessed by the Gods of metal.

When the band finally started their show almost in time as it was scheduled for that day´s program, all the hell broke loose – I mean, seeing the fanatical crowd going crazy without any strings attached, and enjoying the show the way like they could be a bunch of young and restless 12-17-year-old kids again. In fact, a big part of them were at that age (or even less, some of them being there with their parents who once were – or still are Heavy Metal –fans), but the fact is many generations are united by Heavy Metal. That´s a common, uniting thing between people of different ages.


And if the crowd was going wild, so did Dee Snider and co. on the main stage. Dee was running around the stage, from one side to another, like he would be at his 20´s; sharing lots of his sincere enthusiasm and sheer energy with thousands of people that obviously fueled the band´s (and especially Dee´s) already energetic performance even more. Jay Jay (French) and Eddie (Odeja) rocked hard shirts off from many while at the same time Mark (Mendoza) on bass and A.J. Pero on drums, basically helped to complete these ´twisted sisters´ amazing show by just their own characters. As said previously, the band´s show was pure dynamite from start to finish, offering some of the most well-known classics from the band´s whole, highly appreciated career, and that´s what people were ready to pay for: A classic Twisted Sister show with probably one of the most carefully-chosen T.S. -setlist ever, full of band´s most known hits.

At one point of the show Jay Jay French wanted to know whether “The Idols” is shown in Finland, too. I cannot remember the exact words what he said to the audience, but the message was clear: Don´t support this show by watching it on TV; don´t support those people who believe they are able to make ´real stars´ by arranging something as stupid and worthless as singing auditions for stupid people who mistakenly think they can still be remembered after twenty years just like Twisted fuckin´ Sister, who have been around on/and off over 23 years, and who are making a real music for real people without a massive financial machinery behind them. I think Jay´s speech was sort of a hilarious emanation, but despite of that he still managed to hit the nail to the target somewhat fittingly.

Niko! You just go on from this…


Niko: This was the very first time for me to witness the entity of my childhood´s greatest heroes, Twisted Sister. I’ve been waiting for this moment for 20 years and have to confess I was more than gladly overwhelmed by that tiny fact how good they were there, crisscrossing wildly all around the stage, and playing like they would be in front of a real big audience for the first time. I was expecting to hear lots of old T.S. songs – especially from the STAY HUNGRY album and that’s exactly what we got. Twisted Sisted played a real hit parade; classic tunes following each other one by one. We heard songs from off UNDER THE BLADE, YOU CAN´T STOP ROCK´N´ROLL and COME OUT AND PLAY albums as well. Needless to say that the biggest moments for me personally were songs like “We’re Not Gonna Take It”, “I Wanna Rock (which I did), “Burn in Hell” and of course “S.M.F.”. The only thing I was hoping that the band could have hurry their set a little between songs. Too many absolutely worthless speeches and too much “Are you having fucking fun…?” –wooings that were kind of irritating. The more we heard them, the more annoying they became. But hey, we did enjoy every moment as the old fans of the band. Didn’t we, Luxi? … Luxi?! (“Sure, we indeed did, Sir Nicodemus…” – Luxi)


Nevertheless, it was good to see the band’s still existing in its purest form, old costumes, original members and with energy. Twisted Sisters made it clear that they’re not taking themselves too seriously as a band. That was something they made clear straight from the start. Or should I say they’re proud of what they’ve been doing as a band. But like you can dig from the lyrics of T.S., it’s supposed to be entertaining rather than preaching.

Twisted Sister are sure one of those bands that have been a great influence on people. We actually got a living proof of that: Two drunken (what a surprise!) gentlemen had done Dee Snider masks for themselves and were wearing them as long as Sisters´ show lasted, and I have to admit it wasn’t easy to look at them without smiling and laughing. I wasn’t sure whether these two felllows belonged to some dusty transvestite club called Blue Öyster rather than seeing them to enjoy the band´s show at this outdoor festival, in the land of the midnight sun..

Well, most of all they enjoyed Twisted fucking Sisters and so did we.




What You Don’t Know (Sure Can Hurt You)
The Kids Are Back
You Can’t Stop Rock’n’Roll
Captain Howdy
Shoot ’em Down
Come Out and Play
I Believe in Rock ‘n’ Roll
We’re Not Gonna Take It
The Price
Burn in Hell
Drum Solo
I Wanna Rock


The Fire Still Burns
Under The Blade



Ox and Kita enjoying the Twisted Sister show



The last words shortly to sum up the overall well-gone S.O.A.M. -festival:

Even if the festival was re-located to the other side of the river due to some sport event for young kids at the very same time – approx. only 700-800 far away from the festival area, the re-location of the festival was well-chosen and functional for an happening like this. The festival area was larger than last year, and it was needed as there´s as much as over 10,000 people at the whole festival area on Saturday; thanks to all the enormous media hype Lordi has managed to gather for themselves after winning the Eurovision Song Contest this year. The only negative point was the area was built on a vast area of sand, and eventually this dry sand field started to become very dusty towards the end of the each day while at the same time, the red hot sun didn´t help the situation a bit, but dried the area even more. Every day when thousands of people wandered away from the venue, being completely dust-covered and looking like an army of wasted zombies, I believe many of them cursed the day when the festival was finally decided to re-locate on this particular; so-called ´the cursed area´ because of the problems the dry sand area caused to many people´s clothes (although some damages were evidently alcohol-related, heh!).  

Also, one minor negative thing was, the backstage area was located right next to the main stage, so interviewing bands at that area became kind of impossible (as everyone can somewhat easily figure out) because of the big walls of noise coming from the main stage´s direction, unless you didn´t carry professional equipments worth of some thousands of euros with you. We just had our cheap-looking Aiwa TP-V5530 recorder with us, so… Well, I don´t think I need to tell you that accurate details to figure out the rest by yourself.

All in all, another successfully put together festival from the main organizer of the festival, PartySan Production OY. Extra special thanks to them for their hard work to get no less than the mighty Twisted Sister for headlining the last day of the festival. What a great ending for the whole event! C-ya next year again… ´til then, keep the metal spirit alive, support your local bands, behave like good citizens should behave, and we are (almost) sorry for possibly not reviewing your favorite band in this report. We can´t please everyone – and thinking a bit more carefully, we even don´t have any intention to please everyone for that matter, so try to live with that rough fact, ok?

Adios kids… ´titties´ () for us, lemonade and freshly baked buns () for each of you (*isn´t that just… yummy?*).

Rot´n´roll… m/  m/

Your wacho metalmen in none of your service,
L u x i  &  N i k o




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R.I.P. – To the living memory of Antti “Kemppaan” Kemppainen, died in 07/08/2006
“That is not dead which can eternal lie. Yet with strange aeons even death may die”
– H.P. Lovecraft –