Shadowman – Different Angles

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Different Angles
2006,Escape Music/Zink Music
Rating: 2.5/5

Shadowman is an all star project with members like Chris Childs/Harry James from Thunder, Steve Overland from FM and The Ladder and Steve Morris from Heartland. Their debut came 2004 and was called LAND OF THE LIVING and was proclaimed The Best British Melodic Release of 2004 but in which forum that happened doesn’t the bio say. Shadowman delivers good old British melodic hardrock with focus on melodic. Shadowman’s music lies naturally pretty close to both FM, Thunder and Heartland and if you’re a fan of those acts I can assure you that you’re gonna enjoy Shadowman a lot.

Steve Overland still has a great voice that’s both varied and powerful. Just like in FM, Shadowman’s music fits his voice perfectly.  A few songs that stands out are “Chains”, “Satellite”, “Learn To Live Without You”, “Take Me Home”, “Way Of The World”, “Cry Wolf”, “Shine On”.

The guys could have narrowed down the amount of ballads and uptempo songs in order to squeeze in more faster songs because as it is now there are too many of the slower song and that slow down the pace Steve doesn’t surprise as a producer, he does a solid production that’s pretty standard. Most space are given to lead vocals and guitar and keyboard lies gladly at the bottom of the mix and that’s a big plus in my book.

DIFFERENT ANGLES is too melodic for my taste but fans of FM and bands like that are going to be real glad. The bio says that Shadowman are one of England’s finest rock bands, well that’s their opinion judge for yourself when you hear the album.



Steve Overland – lead vocals
Steve Morris – guitar, keyboards
Harry James – drums
Chris Childs – bass

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Learn To Live Without You
Take Me Home
Cry Wolf
When It’s Gone
The Way Of The World
In The Shadows
Did It For Love
Dreams Die Hard
Runaway Girl
Shine On