Bolt Thrower, Amoral, HellBox : Nosturi, Helsinki, Finland

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The 18th of April 2005
Nosturi, Helsinki Finland

Review and pics by Arto Lehtinen

The long time British death metal combo Bolt Thrower got activated, after being on a hiatus since 2002, when their latest album, the absolutely brilliant THOSE ONCE LAW saw the light of day last year. Bolt Thrower’s artillery crusaded thru Europe with Malevolent Creation earlier this year, but the second leg of the tour with the British metal war mongers finally reached up to the northern European territories. Originally Gorefest was supposed to team up for the tour to replace the cancelled tour with Master, but for several reasons the Dutch metallers got bailed out and were replaced by the Canadian band Kataklysm. Unfortunatly the Canadians were cursed to face the real unexpected crap luck ever as all of their gear and equipment had been loaded to a wrong flight and ended up in Copenhagen, resulting in the cancellation of the gig. Someone at the flight company should be sued for screwing up that.

The WCH organization deserves a huge hats off and lots of respect for doing such an act of culture by bringing Bolt Thrower to Finland for the first time ever !! Over 600 death metal and old school metal maniacs had crawled to witness the five piece in action. But before the British warmaster unleashed the realm of chaos in the Nosturi club, a couple of Finnish acts had been booked to open up the night.

HellBox kicked the night off by offering a 30 minute set of the brutal delivery of old school punkish thrash  maelstorm chaos. Frankly this four piece is kind of an amusing sight on the stage, as fronted by a vocalist wearing old ripped bermuda shorts and an ancient and also ripped Nuclear Assault t-shirt and had more chains than in a normal S/M party which all proved the band definitely has a tongue-in-cheek mentality in their live appearance. Frankly it is quite hard to figure out which weird BluesBrother syndrom the vocalist was actually possessed by as he kept wearing sunglasses thru the whole set. HellBox’s punkish thrashing whip is an awesome way to create a suitable atmosphere in the typical Finnish boozing party. It is kind of obvious HellBox is influenced by both Venom and Motorhead. The band started out as a Venom cover outfit, but added the more punkish element as well. Next time arranging some liquid intoxicated metal party, ask HellBox to bring a chaotic distortion.  


Amoral has become quite a solid stage performancer as well as gigger as recently having returned from the long European tour with Dark Funeral and Nalgfar. The hyper energic frontman of Amoral was like a younger Phil Anselmo who moved relentlessly on the stage from one side to another and climbed up to loudspeakers to make an incredible jump back to the stage. As for the delivery in general, the man ain’t the best one what comes to growling as his little bit it dry and even monotous voice started sounding quite boring in the long run. But the as for the technical skills of players are more or less trained. Especially the playing style of the bassist was reminiscent of the playing style of John Myong of Dream Theater. Technical band, occasionally too technical however. 



Finally the British warmasters entered the stage to show honour valour and pride to the nearly packed club. The audience showed no guts no glory in the pit when smashing each other like maniacs. Obviously some die hard old school death metal freaks weren’t that much thrilled about raging maniacs cos some pushing could be noticed.

The whole band was definitely blown away by the response received from the Finnish crowd. Obviously they didn’t expect to see and experience overwhelming wild maniacs banging, making noise and above all the crowded club in the middle of the week. Karl remembered to thank the audience and kept praising the Finnish audience thru the whole gig. Both the guitarist Gav and Barry kept spinning their heads whereas the band’s female bassist Jo remained more in the background on the stage. Karl handled his frontman role perfectly and definitely was extreme pleased to the crazy metalheads. 

Taking reasonable looking pics turned out to be rather impossible, as someone from the BT crew filled the whole stage area up with the tight smoke that breathing became quite difficult. The huge smoke curtain floating around the stage brought some kind of a warfare atmospheric vibe to the club especially when the red lights used to move all around creating a real wild feeling.


As for the set featuring a number of killer tunes, however in general the whole set had remained basically the same as the past and apparently no big changes were made. If I am not mistaken badly, “WarMaster” has been dropped from the setlist. But Bolt Thrower’s gig was like unleashed artillery rolling and smashing everything they came across. The sounds were incredibly massive and thunderous resulting in one hell of battle field atmosphere.   

Unfortunately the running time of Bolt Thrower appeared to be too short because it would have been awesome for the packed club to have more the British death metal. Yes without any doubts one of the best death metal gigs ever witnessed in Helsinki for sure !!!! Come back soon !!! Please !!!

At First Light
When Glory Beckons
World Eater
The Killchain
Powder Burns
Those Once Loyal
Inside  The Wire
The 4th Crusade 
When Canons fade
…For Victory

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