Fear Factory / Misery Index / M.A.N : Nosturi, Helsinki, Finland

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Misery Index & M.A.N
April 1st, 2006
Nosturi Club
Helsinki, Finland

No, this gig was not any April fool despite the fact that the date was on the first of April when the long time extreme metal pioneers Fear Factory visited Finland for the second time by doing two gigs in both Tampere and Helsinki. Fear Factory had their first appearance in Finland at the Tuska festival a few years back by putting on one hell of a great and aggressive gig in the middle of the day. This three band package consisted of some rather interesting names. As a matter of fact Misery Index added to the package was quite surprising as Fear Factory’s opening acts have usually been quite uninteresting and to be honest c-class worthless jump metal bands. Besides Misery Index, the Swedish M.A.N was the third opening band. The Fear Factory gig belonged to a metal gig series of Headbanger’s Ball of the Finnish Music TV and obviously some parts of the show will be shown there as well cos a few Headbangers Ball adds had been clued around the venue.

The Swedish M.A.N was the first one to enter the stage. M.A.N as a name was entirely unknown and a little bit mysteriuos combo to the Finnish crowd. When taking a closer glance at the band’s background, behind the name of M.A.N the band consisted of members already having gained fame and glory in other still active and already defunct bands like Transport League, Dia Plasma and the vocalist nowadays screams in the Danish Mnemic as far as I know.

M.A.N can be without any doubts be categorized to the unexpected jump metal genre as the Swedish four piece mostly relied on a typical and traditional approach of these jump/attitude/aggro groove metal based deliveries however. As typical of these sorts of combos the members won’t spend a single second in one place on the stage. Instead the band turned out to be a real relentless and vital live act, especially the vocalist Tony JJ having had  plenty of experience being a front man in other bands turned out to be a real wild showman. After the third song, some unexpected technical problems occurred, but fortunately didn’t plague the set.


While the band was sorting out these technical problems, the singer revealed being a half Finn and started communicating in Finnish instead of English. Actually it was kind of weird for him to speak in English as he fluently spoke Finnish. Obviously he wanted to maintain his credibility by being a real true international aggro metalhead wanting to speak English, but who knows ?!. The guitarist Martin Meyerman who looked more like a funny emo kid with haircut and mascara, handled his job quite well. The drummer having been tattooed from the armed to the earth and the bassist brought their own important roles to the concept and visual side to M.A.N’s appearance.

Their 30 minute set consisted of tracks from the debut album OBEY, CONSUME, REJECT. Some parts of Sepultura’s “Roots Bloody Roots” got played as well between songs of their own. M.A.N’s place as the first band to kick the night off fit well to them as they were basically supporting their debut album. Nice job. 


Misery Index attacked next after doing a quick set-up warming and unleashed a real merciless delivery of grinding maelstrom. The four piece from Maryland proved to be one hell of a brutal live act indeed. It was utter amazing how on earth these guys managed to get an opportunity of being involved on the same tour with Fear Factory. However this is nothing, but a good way to bring the name of Misery Index to the awareness of the bigger metal audience. The Marylanders declared the grinding with some punk influences manifest for about one hour to the sold out club.  

The frontman, Jason Netherton, of Misery Index turned out a fanatical Finn fan as willing to speak Finnish instead of English. Surprisingly his Finnish was quite understandable, for which he deserves to get good points indeed. The guitarist Sparky Voyles was another uncontrolled wildman or could be said the wildest person of the night on the stage as the man raged like a maniac. Just amazing how he was able to play the guitar while storming around the stage.

The band slaughtered the audience by doing a number of tunes from several albums and even one new cut from the forthcoming album DISCORDIA. Even someone asked for the Dying Fetus stuff where the band responded by saying “Sorry you are six years late”. Unfortunately the set list was forgotten to pick up cos the editor was totally stunned about the band’s raging grinding set, leaving our domestic Rotten Sound behind.
Judging by their intensive and brutal 60 minute set, the band gained a lot of new fans for sure. It would be thrilling to see Misery Index with other bands of the same category in a smaller and smoky club environment. Come back soon !!!

In this point of the night, the whole Nosturi club has become hotter than hell as breathing had become more or less difficult. During the Fear Factory set the atmosphere as well as the temperature rose tremendously indeed.


Fear Factory kicked off the over 90 minute set off with “540000° Fahrenheit” off from the latest effort “TRANSGRESSION”. But in general as far the set of Fear Factory is concerned, the four piece extreme mongers haven’t made any radical changes to the list on the whole tour as all the same songs were pretty much in the same order. The set basically included all the mandatory  hits picked up from several albums. For some reason “Dog Day Sunrise” hasn’t been included to the set.

The whole four piece was in a real fiery state thru the long set. The bass giant Byron Stroud’s place and role fit to the FF line-up more than perfectly. The man’s intensive headbanging and wild bassplaying style only proved his passion and devotion definitely play an important role in the stage performance of Fear Factory along with the guitarist Christian Wolbers. The vocalist, Curton C. Bell, turned out to be an extremely polite and humble person willing to have real interactive communication with the audience and knowing how to entertain the sold out club. 

The band mangled and mauled the audience with an absolute tormenting sonic assault forcing the wet and sweating Finnish crowd to arrange one hell of a raging pit and as a result, sweaty, tired and a few cripped slammers were carried away.  When the opening words of “Cyberwaste” and “Nothing You Said Matters To Us” cut the air, the whole club went entirely beserk resulting a tremendous huge pit. 

The over 90 minute set was nothing but an utter blasting extreme ear whipping  ruthless and brutal sonic torment in the real Fear Factory way. 

540000° Fahrenheit
Slave Labor
Self Bias Resistor
Zero Signal
Acres Of Skin


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