Chris Bailey, ex-vocalist of Infernäl Mäjesty

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Chris Bailey, ex-vocalist of

Interview by Luxi Lahtinen


The legendary Canadian thrashers Infernäl Mäjesty´s new interview was published through in March 2006 in which both the band´s longtime guitarist Kenny Hallman and new, young frontman and throat torturer, Brian Langley, shed some light on Infernäl Mäjesty´s current situation. They especially spoke enthusiastically about the new Infernäl Mäjesty album in the works, titled SYSTEMATICAL EXTERMINATION.

The band changed vocalists with Brian Langley replacing Chris Bailey who was in the band on and off for 17 years. Naturally it was inquired as to what happened with him and what his primary reasons were for leaving the band.

Shortly after the interview was published in, Chris Bailey, the ex-vocalist for Infernäl Mäjesty, contacted me via email, telling me if I wanted to know the real reason why he was not with them any longer, I could reach him at his email address for more info. I did because I felt like it´s always justified to hear from both of the parties impartially, giving both a fair chance to  to explain how things were seen from their own points of view. 

I need to remind all of you does not take any responsibility for either Kenny´s or Chris´s sayings how truthful they are or are not; who´s telling the truth and who´s lying about what. This all will be left up to you, dear reader, to decide; you draw your own conclusions out of these two fellows´ stories.

Chris Bailey opens up for exclusively and tells his own story about his leaving from Infernäl Mäjesty, so let´s hear him out…


You contacted me via email just recently regarding the interview I did with both Kenny Hallman and Brian Langley from Infernäl Mäjesty. There was something there in the interview you wanted sort of ´correct´ from your side, so let us be all ears now…

Hello Luxi! Thanks for the opportunity to get some facts straight about what the hell happened. Well after many years of wondering and questioning Steve and Kenny about why WE (Steve and Ken) have never been paid royalties for NONE SHALL DEFY and other albums. I decided to make some phone calls myself and get to the bottom of this, and it was after our last Canadian tour and a half a dozen phone calls to some very co-operative, helpful people, that the label informed me that we had been paid royalties all along from NONE SHALL DEFY. That they were going to “one Steve Terror and Kenny Hallman”, and that they had been represented by Steve’s brother.

Obviously I was stunned with this news. I would have spilled blood to defend these two, or any member of Infernäl Mäjesty for that matter. It was my loyalty to the band, and my trusting these two that they wouldn’t fuck me that led me to believe they were telling the truth.

It was devastating for me to find out they had been quietly collecting my royalties while denying that they were receiving even their own royalties… period – and instead of working something out, they chose to smear me, replace me and spread misinformation to the new band members (bass player, drummer, singer) and others about this issue. They now claim I’ve just disappeared into the city of Toronto somewhere. That I’ve just evaporated into the ether with no apparent reason. They know I don’t live in Toronto, they know how to contact me. I’ve even sent registered mail to them with my return address on it.

Now as stated in the interview with you Luxi by Ken that basically the Canadian tour was going great until Québec is simply not true. Nothing went bad in Québec. Québec has always been awesome just like any show we’ve every done there insofar as the warm welcome we’ve recieved playing there, and IF Ken would like to get more specific I would love to refresh his memory on more details with him. That whole tour started rough because of booking miscommunications between the bands manager and the booking agents, which led to some band members getting very upset with this stedy stream of misinformation, probably not intentional from the band manager to Steve,and from Steve to the band.

So I would assume what Ken was referring to in the previous interview with you Luxi when he stated that he was questioning the future of Chris Bailey and Infernäl Mäjesty as if it were his decision, and that I had missed some big show were a friend of the band had to stand in for me, is misinformation. This was the best he could come up with to try and add some sort of fact to his fiction when the fact of the matter is the show in question I think he’s refering to was us filling in for a local band that cancelled last minute and I was unable to do it because I had picked up the flu.

Failing to perform a show, especially when it was due to illness, pales in comparison to Infernäl Mäjesty not doing the U.S. Satyricon tour because Steve and Ken couldn’t sleep on the same bus as Satyricon, when, in fact, we had our own transportation with sleeping accommodations. Ken and Steve cancelled the tour at the last minute, I voted against cancelling, but was voted out 3-2. I told Steve this had to be posted immediately. They didn’t even have enough respect for the fans to post the last minute cancellation on the web site until well into the tour, and then posted some lame excuse. Fans were coming to the shows to see us, some traveling great distances, and had no idea that we we were not there. All Ken had to do (as webmaster) was spend two minutes to post it on the site. Not to mention that I was on the second day of a three and a half day greyhound bus ride to the west coast to start the tour. I found out at a payphone at Greyhound in Thunder Bay that the others had voted to cancel the tour.

I guess Ken was just too busy or maybe just confused like when he handed me a few lines for a song he told me he had written (“Cathedral of Hate”) and asked me to make them into a song. I later found out from Steve that Ken didn’t write them. A friend of his did, and Steve continues to tell me that Ken never played a single note on the CD UNHOLIER THAN THOU, that it was all Steve Terror.


Lots of ´bad blood´ was flowing in a similar situation when Steve “Zetro” Souza left Exodus in 2005 due to his own personal reasons in his life. Do you think your situation with Infernäl Mäjesty is kinda similar to Exodus and what happened in that camp when public statements were made about Steve´s departure from the band by Gary Holt?

I think, Luxi, what happened with Exodus, has some similarities but every situation is different and there are many details that have been left out and I am just dealing with the basics and misinformation for now. I never intended on making this public until I started hearing about the interviews the Infernäl Mäjesty members were doing and read them for myself that I finally had to speak out, defend myself and set the record straight.

Some day I would like to have the opportunity to lay out the true history of Infernäl Mäjesty. Even the facts of how we really came up with the band name, to all the details leading to my departure and everything in between. The myths need to be dispelled about the band. Myths such as me being in the band on and off over the years need to be dispelled. I believe Ken and Steve to be partially responsible for exploiting these and other myths about the band’s history and me. I have been a founding member since our creation back when we used to be called Lord Satan’s Disciples and only left for a period of time before the laying of the guitar and drum tracks for UNHOLIER. When I came back after Vince, I finished with the vocals and the CD was complete. We did a European tour, arrived back in Toronto to Steve wanting to move to Vancouver so he could do more sailing. This set the band back a few years. We could have been releasing more music instead of sailing. Fortunately though, we finally got the ball rolling out there with the help and support of some amazing and solid metal fans and friends.

However, would you still see there might be a chance for reconciliation with both Kenny and Steve from Infernäl Mäjesty some day?

Absolutely not. It was devastating news to find this out about my co-band members and so-called ´friends´, and their actions afterwards made it like being decapitated and back stabbed.

As far as Brian goes I have never met him so I can only assume he’s a nice guy and that the metal fans of Vancouver and the rest of British Columbia will be 100% supportive of his new choice in music. As I’ve always said the metal fans of B.C. are some of the most supportive in the world, and I hope to be able to return again and hook back up with my friends “Byronator”, and the rest of yuz. Cheerz eh!

I also hope to do some shows with my brothers from the Valley of the Ganaraska with a project I can’t release the name of yet. For more info I can be reached at Our demo is almost done and will be posted on the web in a few weeks.

Thank you Chris for bringing these things up and all the best with you and your life. Is there anything else you´d like to say to conclude this ´please-hear-me-out-too´ -session?

Thanks again Luxi for the opportunity to state my side of this. Cheerz…!!


 Chris posing with his ex-band mates sometime in 2005