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HELIX Vocalist Brian Vollmer
Interviewed By Celtic Bob

Brian Vollmer of HELIX check’s in with Metal-Rules to give us an update on current projects and what’s going on inside Planet Helix.

How has the book sold thus far?
The book is selling well.  Presently I’m just selling it myself through the Planet Helix website and at the live gigs, but just like selling my own CDs, I make far more money doing it myself.
Approxametly how many copies were printed in the inital run?
What iniated this project?

My mother pestered me for years to write my autobiography.  I kept telling her, “Mom, if I do, I will have to put in all the sex, drugs, and rock and roll”.  She asked me, “Can’t you just put in the nice stuff?” to which I replied, “If I did that mom there would only be two chapters!”   After my mother did read it she told me she thought the book was great except for the spelling mistakes.
Are you pleased with how it came out and the response it’s getting?
I’m very pleased with the feedback I’ve received so far.   I’m getting tons of press and this year we have more dates as of March than we had all last year.  
What’s next for Brian Vollmer?
More touring and recording the new CD.  In May we start the Alice Cooper tour in Halifax, which will greatly help raise the profile of the band.   We’ve already started recording the new album and crowd response to the new tunes has been overwhelming.

When can fan’s expect to see a new disc of original material?
Spring 2007.
How is the recording and writing coming along?
I have new writing partners on this CD.  Both are old friends of mine.   The first is Gord Prior, who used to sing for the band Blu Bones, the second is Steve Georgeopopolus, who used to play for a KISS clone band called Alive.   The bass player for that band is now Gene Simmon’s personal assistant.

Any plans to tour across this great nation of ours to support it?
We’re always constantly touring.  The Alice Cooper tour is going to open up eastern Canada for us once again and already we’re getting offers from the U.S. and Europe.
Will you film and record any of the shows?
I always take my trusty Sony movie camera with me to almost every gig.  I’m thinking of perhaps setting up a fan club and at the end of the year giving everyone in the club a condensed version of my home movies.
Any plans to release a full unedited concert cd/dvd?

With the ’04 release of the Christmas disc you did for your church would you consider recording a disc of Classic/Traditional material?
Yes.  I might do it in conjuction with my church again  to help with the building fund drive.  The last CD raised $8,000 in 3 weeks.
Do you think there would be a market for it?
Definitely.   A lot of the people who bought the first one had no idea I also sang for Helix.
Anything you’d like to say to the readers of Metal-Rules?
Thank you for the support, especially Rob Bursey.

Thanks for your time.