Motley Crue – Live in Saint John, Canada

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Motley Crue Live

March 1st, 2006

Saint John, NB  Canada

Review and Live Pics by Celtic Bob

Here I go again traveling insane distances to see a show. This time my journey brings me to the unlikely location of Saint John, NB to see Motley Crue. This being my 2nd time ever seeing them and coincidently in just over 6 months. After flying into Moncton we had an hour and a half car ride to SJ on a cold but sunny winter morning. I arrived at the venue at supper hour to pick up my tickets which had not yet arrived so I dropped back an hour later and got them. Doors opened at 7pm and I had to wait lobby to meet Marie (Sorry if I misspelled) for my pass. She arrived just after 8 and escorted me to the front where I had access to Nikki�s side of the stage for 3 songs only. The lights went down and the show began���..

Keeping to their set format the show began with the �Disaster� movie then out comes Mighty Mike in clown gear to introduce the show. There is a large wooden crate front and center which 2 beautiful dancers come out of and start to get �friendly� with each other as you hear the band start to play �Shout At The Devil�. As the curtain rises and flames and red lights fill the stage the place goes wild. The band is right on the money from the get go and don�t miss a beat.

All the classics you expect are performed throughout the course of the 2 hour plus show. They do omit songs from MC 94 and NEW TATTOO which is understandable to a certain degree. This time around fans were not treated to any of the new tracks off of RED, WHITE AND CRUE which is a major disappointment. It would have been great to hear at least one of the couple of new tunes.

In true Motley fashion there were lovely ladies gracing the stage for the majority of the show doing various �Acts� much to the pleasure of the male fans in the audience. There was everything from the the aforementioned performers to stage hands dressed up to choppers they rode out for the 2nd set on to the infamous �Tittie Cam� which everyone enjoyed. Flames, explosions, fireworks, sparks and blowing their selves up are all part of the show. During Nikki�s solo he plays a keyboard and uses a Theremin ala Jimmy Page whilst sparks are shooting at him from one side and a lovely brunette takes a grinder to herself to shoot more at him from the other side. During Tommy�s solo he did a short bit on his kit them came to the front of the stage and had his harness on but the two other drum sets were not to be seen above the stage. He then gets off the stage and runs towards the back of the arena where both kits are suspended. He does the remainder of his pice from there which gives fans in the back  a better view of one of the the best drummers in Rock n Roll. There was a bit of audience participation when he hit these kits which got the crowd going a bit more. The solo ended with an explosion and Tommy �falling� to the floor where he ran back to the stage to talk to the crowd before taking his place behind the kit and intro�ing �Same �Ol Situation� babies. It�s only a short time before Sixx breaks out the camcorder and intro�s the band and then hand�s it over to Lee for his other part of the show�the infamous �Tittie Cam� which for those who never attended a Crue show is exactly what it sounds like.

The show closes with �Anarchy� where Mighty Mike is breating fire, we have a couple of the female performers on stage again spitting �Blood� at the audience, dancing around and having a great time. After the band take their final bow Tommy picks up a giant bucket and says he has a gift for all his friends, a bucket of �wine� and throws it out over the audience.

Another amazing night for Rock n Roll. If you never saw the Crue live you are missing the most fun you can have with your clothes on (or partially off).

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