Jason Hook – Ex-Vince Neil Guitarist

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Jason Hook is currently the tour guitarist for Pop sensation Hilary Duff. This amazing Canadian guitarist was also a recent player in the last Vince Neil Band. Jason took a few moments out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions to update fans on what’s going on and with future projects.


How is the tour going so far?

The Duff tour never ends…..lol!. Today, I’m in Nice, France. It’s sunny but cool. I’m sitting out on the balcony of my hotel room watching some carnival event on the street below. I can see a bunch of weird characters walking around on stilts. I have  “Trying to be me” from “TommyLand The Ride” jamming on my PowerBook.

How is touring with Pop sensation Hilary Duff going?

Awesome. See answer above.

Is it similar to touring with Vince Neil?

Not even close. I used to get laid a lot more when I played with Vince Neil………lol. Vince’s shows were usually in large clubs (with the exception of the Poison tour) with a ton of sexually charged, rowdy adults. Typically we’d hang out at a strip club up until show time, take a car over to the venue, then play from 12 midnight to 1:30am, grab a small platoon of girls and head back to the hotel for a private party. With H.D. we play large arenas and sometimes Stadiums capacity ranges from 10,000 to 70,000 we never mingle with the crowd. We hang in the dressing room surfing the web or pigging out in the catering area. We play from 9 – 10pm and jump on the bus and dart to the next city so we can check into our hotel rooms and crash. I just talked to Vince; it was his birthday about week ago. I really miss playing with him………….good times, great music.

With the recent cancellation of the St. John’s, NL show are there any current plans to reschedule one?

Not that I know of. What I do know is the Canadian tours have been extremely successful. I would imagine we would do another one next year, which will probably include a St. John’s show.



What is the next project on your agenda?

I’m writing a bunch of pop tunes, hoping to come up with something for Hil’s next record. It’s a challenge for me because every idea has to be a hit or it doesn’t stand a chance. Other than that I just bought a place, so I’m a little consumed with homeownership.

Is there another solo disc in the works?

Always, Safety Dunce part 2 is about 40% written. My solo material takes a long time to complete. I refuse to settle for mediocre.

How well was the last one received?

People really seem to dig it. I get just as much feedback from women as I do from men. I shot for something unique and exciting. I was hoping people would get it, but was fully ready for any feedback positive or negative.

When can fans expect to see the new disc?

I work slowly, I can’t record unless my head is clear and I’m at home with no distractions. I’d like to have a new disc ready at the end of the year, or early 2007. Jeremy Spencer (my drummer) is really busy right now with his new band Five Finger Death Punch (www.fivefingerdeathpunch.com) I really depend on him for inspiration, so I prefer to wait ‘till he’s available. (Check out Jeremy’s new Extreme Metal drum loop CD it’s killer! www.drumsfromhell.com)

Any plans to continue along with the “Play on Words” title?

Funny that you ask, of course I could get 3 more titles out of the Safety Dunce theme. Like “Let’s Dunce” or “Dunce the night away” I was thinking about calling the next album “Limited Audience” or “Keep Your Receipt”. ……………I’m drawn to things that make me laugh.

What are you currently listening to these days?

I get fed a healthy diet of new stuff from my friend / drummer Jeremy Spencer. Last thing he gave me was Summer of Darkness by the band Demon Hunter and Killswitch Engage.

Anything new that you are really digging?

Was checking out record from my friend’s band called Powder I had written a few songs with them but didn’t have a copy of the record.

Being a Canadian how do you think it’s helped or harmed your career? Has it even made a difference?

I have been asked this a few times, this is a tender subject for me. It is my observation that Canadians have a very strong work ethic, which has produced some of the strongest talent in the world. Unfortunately Canada represents less than 3% of the entertainment business. It is only logical that the talent would have to go somewhere else to survive. The only success I have EVER had has been in America. Being Canadian hasn’t helped me with much other than owing thousands of dollars to immigration lawyers.

Do you still live in Canada or have you moved Stateside?

Right now I live in Studio City California


Anything you’d like to say to the readers of Metal-Rules?

I love music. It has saved my life and given me the opportunity to experience many great things. For anyone that gives an 8th of a dong about my record, Thank you for the support, it means the world to me.

Thanks for your time.