Hanoi Rocks at KB in Malmö Sweden on the Another Hostile Takeover Swedish Tour 2005

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Hanoi Rocks
Another Hostile Takeover Swedish Tour
10/12 – 2005

 Reviewed by: Anders Sandvall
Livepics by: Anders Sandvall

To support their new album ANOTHER HOSTILE TAKEOVER, that came out in Sweden in December, it was time for Hanoi Rocks to take another trip over to Sweden once again. The last time they were here was in February 2005, the tour lasted from the 7th of December until the 16th of the same month.

When Michael Monroe and Andy McCoy started up the band no one thought it would last for a long time due to their history of illegal substances and beverages. But the doubters was outnumbered because they are still alive and this time the band consists of 40% Swedish content so sorry to the Finnish team Hanoi Rocks are no longer an all Finnish item.

The bands line up are currently:
Michael Monroe – lead vocals, saxophone, harmonica
Andy McCoy – guitar, b-vox
Lacu – drums
Andy “A.C” Christell – bass, b-vox
Conny Bloom – solo guitar, b-vox

Conny and A.C is mostly known for their time in the funk/metal act Electric Boys that had their era during the 90’s.



Quite a lot of people had defied the winterstorms in order to catch the legendary Hanoi Rocks in action. The venue was half-full and support act to the main attraction was a Swedish glam/sleaze act called Maryslim which did absolutely nothing for me – they are only another glam/sleaze act and wasn’t nothing out of the ordinary what I can remember of their 30 minutes as support. On the other hand, it is quite hard to make up your mind on 30 minutes when you never heard a band before. So what do I know, they maybe they will knock my head off on their album?!

After Maryslim went off stage we had to wait almost 55 minutes – way too long – for Hanoi Rocks to enter the stage. Well on stage Michael and Andy kicked off the show with the old classic “Malibu Beach”. It looked like most of the people in the crowd wanted to hear more of the older classic hits and fortunately for them the band fired off  “I can’t get it”, “High School”, “Tragedy”, “Don’t Ever Leave Me”, “Taxi Driver” and the CCR cover “Up Around The Bend”. From the comeback album came “A Day Late, A Dollar Short”, “Obscured”, “Delirious” and “People Like Me”. They didn’t do so many songs from the new album and the few they did wasn’t recognized by many in the audience. They had also dusted off a few more unexpected songs as “Bad News”, “11th Street Kids”, “Cafe Avenue” and “Feel Alright”.



The only things on stage was a big backdrop with their logo and a red rose on it. Other then that it was only a lot of amps which made it easy to move around on. That was something Michael sure took advantage off. As usual he kicked and jumped around like a crazy person on stage. In between the costume changes and leg kicking he showed off his skills on saxophone and invites the crowd to sing a long in “Up Around The Bend”, “Don’t You Ever Leave Me” and “People Like Me”.



One thing that’s strange is that Michael only talked English on stage when I read an interview with Conny where he said that they actually all talk Swedish in the tour-bus…

The band closed the show with the CCR cover “Up Around The Bend”, when 90 minutes had passed but of course weren’t the crowd pleased and wanted more so they entered the stage once again and kicked off the encores that started with “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams” after that came “Motorvatin” and finally “Feel Alright” and by then had 2 hours passed.




I have always counted Hanoi Rocks as one of my absolute favorite glam/sleaze acts but that doesn’t take away the fact that they looked pretty tired, especially on the Swedish side of the stage where A.C and Conny stood and did nothing but that which was required of them. The set list was OK and it felt like they played almost every song that at least I wanted to hear, of course I missed some songs but with their huge back catalogue of songs it must be hard to decide what songs to play during a show.

The content of this evening was a nice show, great songs by a partly tired band and by partly I mean the young Swedes and not the older Finns.

Malibu Beach
Back In Yer face
High School
Better High
You Make The Earth Move
Bad News
11th Street Kids
Cafe Avenue
A Day Late, A Dollar Short
I Can’t Get it
People Like Me
Don’t You Ever Leave Me
Taxi Driver
Up Around The Bend

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
Feel Alright


Thanks to Joonas Nikula for photo/press pass to the show.

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