Primal Fear live at Mejeriet in Lund Sweden 2005

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Primal Fear
Seven Seals Tour – Support to Helloween
2/12 – 2005

By: Anders Sandvall

Pictures by: Anders Sandvall



Helloween has recently started the first leg of a very long tour throughout the world and as special guests this evening they chose their fellow German friends in Primal Fear. For them this night was an added gig to their original tour schedule. The tour started out in Finland before it came to Sweden and the town of Lund. Primal Fear is going to follow Helloween until November and after that Helloween takes another German act as support – Jaded Heart.



Primal Fear are out and supporting their new album SEVEN SEALS and if you’re remotely familiar with this band you know that they have big musical similarities with the legendary Judas Priest at least on their previous albums. On SEVEN SEALS they have gone through a minor change of course and narrowed down the most obvious influences. I did an interview with bass player Mat earlier during the day and he and the band were just as nice and friendly towards both me and the waiting fans as they always have been.


Primal Fear entered the stage on time. First out on stage was Randy Black on drums, then came

Stefan – guitar
Tom – guitar
Mat – bass
Ralf – lead vocals

The sound left a lot to be desired but that depended on lack of time to do soundcheck. I talked to drummer Randy, the only non-German in the band (he’s originally from Canada) and he said that when they were in Oslo they hadn’t done any soundcheck at all because Helloween hasn’t allowed it. A lot of the people in Mejeriet probably had come to see the main act and it was quite a lot of people. The last time I was at Mejeriet I saw Danzig and that time there were only about a couple of hundred in the crowd compared to 600-700 this time. The venue takes about 1000 so it wasn’t sold out, maybe that depended on a high ticket price and the closeness to Christmas.



Primal Fear focused on playing songs from their latest album. They did “Rollercoaster”, “Seven Seals” and “Diabolus” from SEVEN SEALS but also “Nuclear Fire” and “Angel In Black” from the older albums. To get the most out of the playing time Ralf didn’t say so much and that ended up in the band playing 9 songs. He wondered how many had bought the album and he invited us to sing a long to “Metal Is Forever” and “Running In The Dust”.

The only thing the band has on stage is two smaller backdrops with their logo The Eagle on in front of the Marshall amps. The lighting as pretty poor but that didn’t seem to bother the band who rages on in a furious tempo throughout the whole show. Ralf stood in the middle of Stefan, Mat and on the other side Tom, Ralf and Mat was the only ones that moved around on stage but it looked like all of the guys had a really good time up on stage.



The show ended with “Final Embrace” and the band thanked the audience and walked off stage, but the crowd wasn’t satisfied and screamed for more. Then the band kicked off one of my favourite tracks “Metal Is Forever”, the bands greatest hit until today, and the crowd went nuts. In the middle of the song the music faded down and Ralf presented the guys in the band, after they turned the music up again and the band ended the song and also the show. 


Primal Fear did an excellent show irregardless of the conditions they played in. The band was really pleased with the gig, at least that was what they said when I met them afterwards. Tom told me that they had played ten minutes too long in Oslo and Helloween became totally furious therefore had Primal Fear cut down the set list by two songs this evening.

I really hope that everyone that has a chance to catch Primal Fear live takes that opportunity. I can promise that you won’t be disappointed because they are one of the best live acts around right now. This tour is going to last until March 2006 and after that it is time for Primal Fear to take on the USA. The band returns to Europe this summer to do festivals, and I wouldn’t be surprised if both acts will play at Sweden Rock Festival this summer


Demons And Angels
Nuclear Fire
Seven Seals
Angel In Black
Running In The Dust
Final Embrace

Metal Is Forever



Thanks to Niklas “Hobbe” Andersson at Sound Pollution for help with press pass to the show and for making the interview with Mat possible.

Thanks to Primal Fears tour manager Achim Köhler for the kind treatment and all the help at the show.

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