Mr. Green – Draggin’ Me Under

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Draggin Me Under

2005, Indie
Rating: 4/5

A great hard rocking album with some killer vocals and guitar playing. It is a slight bit heavier than your average rock band but still not quite metal. It falls into the same vein as artists like Tesla would. If you are looking for a quick comparison then you may say Tesla meets Collective Soul.

Guitarist Dave Saker and vocalist Jason Brauner are the spotlight stealers on this recording. The other musicians in the band are good and hold their own but it is Jason and Dave that truly shine through.
The song “Mr.Green” adds in a bit of the southern rock flair to the mix for an updated Skynyrd-esque track. This coupled with the album’s title track are the disc’s highlights.

One of the better discs of ’05 that you should spin often.