Hardcore Superstar

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Hardcore Superstar
2005, Gain/Sony BMG
Rating: 5/5

This selftitled album is the newest release from Hardcore Superstar and is aimed to follow up the sadly underestimated NO REGRETS from 2003. Last year was the year of the big explosion of the new wave of glam/sleaze with both older and newer acts entering the worldwide stage. Hardcore Superstar, which can be counted as one of the more established acts by know, rides on that wave and maybe they now get the success they are worthy of. 

“Wild Boys” was the first single out of this album, it has already been reviewed in metal-rules, and it was an excellent sneak preview of what we could expect of the then forthcoming album. Single number two is “We Don’t Celebrate Sundays” and it is also a great example of how dirty, sweaty, glam/sleaze rock’n’roll ought to be played. You can clearly hear influences of 80’s glam/sleaze in and it isn’t as commercial as many bands in this genre have a tendency to be these days. Musical similarities can easily be find with Guns ‘n’ Roses and Motley Crüe.

Adde and Martin from the band have produced the album together with Johan Reivén and Risza and I was happy to hear that they have gone back to the more dirty and heavy production that they had on the debut album Compared to this album the debut album and the other records are seriously overproduced.

It really feels like the guys have put body and soul into these 12 songs. The songs totally ooze party and good times, all the songs have extremely catchy choruses that really make you want to sing along and the band has managed to sharpen the edges because all of the songs are delivered with a punch in the face and extreme attitude. The album has spent several hours in my stereo and it really likes it there because it won’t go away. It is almost impossible to pick out any favorite tracks but if I have to I pick “Kick On The Upperclass”, “Bag On Your Head”, “She’s Offbeat”, “My Good Reputation”, “Cry Your Eyes Out”, “Simple Man” and “Blood On Me”.

Luckily the guys have focused on doing what they do best; up-tempo party tracks with a lot of balls. They have only included two ballads, the uptempo ballad is called “Hateful” and the other one that’s a pure ballad is called “Standin On The Verge”. I’m not a fan of any ballads but these ones can’t be any better than they already are and there aren’t any bad tracks at all, this album has everything.

I can’t find any negative things with this album. All the members complement each other perfectly and if you’re a fan of party glam/sleaze rock this album is a given purchase and I can agree with the bio that says, “Hardcore Superstar proves that they currently are one of the best bands in their genre”.

Kick On The Upperclass
Bag On Your Head
Last Forever
She’s Offbeat
We Don’t Celebrate Sundays
Wild Boys
My Good Reputation
Cry Your Eyes Out
Blood On Me
Standin On the Verge

Jocke Berg – lead vocals
Silver – guitar
Martin Sandvik – bass
Adde – drums